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Organising Your Living Room To Keep It Ready For Visitors

By on June 24, 2014

When your home isn’t organized, you waste a lot of time looking for things that you need. You can also end up wasting money because when you can’t find something you know you must have already purchased, you just end up going to get it again.

Not only that, but being disorganized can cause you to feel stressed out. You can’t prevent having to keep some things in your life, such as important paperwork, things you need for the car and things you need for a pet in case you have one. But you can prevent the disorganization that happens all too easily in every room in your home.

Keeping Your Living Room Company Ready

Don’t you hate it when someone stops by and you have to do a mad dash to straighten up? Too often, magazines are out of place, the television remotes are lying around and the kids’ video game console and the games seem to be everywhere.

With some quick and easy organization, not only can you make your living room always look company ready, but you’ll be able to easily find what you need when you need it.

Clutter can happen so easily in a living room and it only takes a matter of seconds for everything to look disorganized. But fortunately, there are some great organizational tools that you can buy to keep your living room looking good.

You want to make sure that you have plenty of storage options for this room because clutter always seems to end up in the living room. Some good storage options that double as furniture are ottomans and storage benches.

You get the option of seating as well as storage. You can use these to quickly stash a comforter, kids’ games and toys and any little item that’s lying around. You can find a great deal for your money with something like the Convenience Concepts Sheridan faux leather storage bench because this one comes with two side ottomans.

So you get a lot of organizing space there. Lift stop storage benches like the ones made by Homelegance are great, too. You not only get seating and storage, but the bench looks like leather so it’s quite beautiful.

Bookshelves are a must have for keeping your living room organized. You can find bookshelves that hang freely with decorative supports or you can find horizontal or vertical ones that sit on the floor.

neat clean living roomOne of these kind, the South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase, gives you a lot of room to keep your books within reach while keeping them neat. Another one is the Heritage Hill Five Shelf Open Bookcase.

You can also find shelves that tuck into corners, which helps you save space and will keep your knick knacks organized. If you have a collection of movies, you’re going to want furniture that will help keep your movies neatly arranged.

You can find that in entertainment centers or audio consoles. Sauder Large Entertainment Center in cinnamon cherry is a good choice and so is Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console.

Sometimes these entertainment centers will have built in places for your television or stereo remotes, but not always. If you’re like a lot of people and find yourself constantly searching for your remotes, getting organized in this area can save you a lot of hassle.

The Ralph TV Remote Control Spinning Caddy helps you keep up with your remotes and keeps your coffee table or side table organized. Now if only you can train your family to put them back in the caddy so they don’t get lost!

If you have a subscription to magazines, newspapers or like to pick them up from the store, you’ll want something that will keep them neat until you’ve finished going through them.

You can find this by getting a magazine holder. You can find these in wood, bamboo, basket style or metal. The Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack comes in a beautiful espresso color that will look good in any living room.

If you have a mud room, then you know just how quickly this area can look like a mess. As an entry point into your home, this space often gathers a lot of stuff and that stuff is usually disorganized.

That old saying “everything in its place” is never more needed than in a mud room. A necessity for a mud room is a bench where people can sit to take off their shoes – yet it has room underneath it for storing the shoes or other items.

Some benches are big enough for boots as well. You can get a Wooden Shoe Bench, which is a simple bench which has shoe room beneath it or you can get the kind that has cubby holes like the Winsome Townsend Bench with Cushion.

The reason that some people get this kind is because they use the cubby holes to store their children’s backpacks for school so that everything is neatly in one place.

This helps you keep all of their stuff organized and together so that you’re avoiding those mornings of having to scramble to find their things so they can make it to school on time.

You also want to make sure that you have a coat rack of some type. This can be used for keeping coats, sweaters, raincoats or scarves organized. Some people use these to hold their children’s backpacks.

You can get something simple or elaborate, but a nice one is the Woodlore 82156 Cedar Coat Rack. You might also want to think about getting an umbrella stand. This will keep your umbrellas organized and handy for when you’re ready to leave the house and notice it’s raining outside.

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