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Princess Pink Color Theme Bedroom Design

By on July 17, 2017

What better way to surprise your daughter than to set up a bedroom design theme with princess pink. Kids love bright and colorful bedrooms having one remodeled here will not jeopardize the overall theme of the home too. The key to aesthetics in these concepts is to keep things simple with a minimalist view. Too much clutter will only be detrimental to the overall appearance as you cannot possibly have all miscellaneous items in complementary pink.

White bedside table with metal legs. Table lamp with metal body and pinkish shades. Pink bedhead with matching blankets, cushion covers and skirting. While pillow case and bedsheets. White window frames, trim and grills. Rug dyed in pink. Wood flooring. Entry point to walk-in wardrobe. Full length mirrors on wardrobe doors.

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