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Simple Bedroom Design Setup With Zero Clutter

By on April 8, 2017

simlpe cosy bedroom with warm lighting

It is almost inevitable that many areas of the house will be full of clutter. Create a cozy place where you can relax by banning clutter from the master bedroom. This can be easily done by keeping things as simple and minimal as possible. Install a mixture of cool and warm lighting, and the ambience can change instantly. Day curtains help block out undesirable views and prevent white natural light from entering. The absence of a physically dominant wardrobe also helps shift the focus onto the bed.

Queen size bed frame. Round headboard. Cube design white quilt cover. Furry cushion covers. Quality bedsheets and pillow cases with high thread count. Small basic side tables mainly for aesthetic purposes with big storage compartment. Red-orange-yellow floral display in translucent vase. Candlestick style table lamp. Single power outlet below eye-level hidden beside table. Custom made-to-fit day and night curtains. False ceiling installed with down lights. Warm lighting bulbs. HDB apartment friendly.

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