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Small Apartment Kitchen Made To Look Spacious And Modern

By on January 20, 2018

With more households embracing smaller houses and apartments, it is essential that the smart use of space is incorporated into the home’s design to avoid claustrophobic tendencies. With advancement in fabrication and manufacturing technology, coupled with clever interior design, a small kitchen can be made to look luxurious and spacious with clever planning. Here’s an example of how a modern kitchen area with limited space can look grand against the odds.

Designer overhead round lighting, built-in kitchen cabinets with white laminates and metallic handles, made-to-fit refrigerator with external ice dispenser, custom made corner shelving that perfectly fits microwave and coffee maker, metal water faucet with under-mount sink, small sized under cabinet range hood, induction cooker, built in heavy-duty baking oven, electric grill, sandwich maker, kitchen island with non-slip flooring, Bali style dining table mat, kitchen towel dispenser, white bar stools, light track with spotlights, hardwood flooring.

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