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Storage Secrets To Get Rid Of Cluttered Bedrooms

By on June 29, 2014

Your bedroom is supposed to be your haven – the place where you rest and recharge from your day. But too many people allow their bedroom to become kind of the catch-all room.

It’s the holding place for laundry, bills and all sorts of things that migrate that way.  Drawers inside a dresser can easily become like a junk drawer because it’s so easy to just toss whatever in there.

You can keep your dresser drawers organized by using something like South Shore Drawer Organizers, which give you a total of five organizers per set. A lot of bedrooms lack items which help keep things organized and this is why this can easily become the messiest room in the house.

But you can cut down on that by buying a Foremost Modular 5-in-1 Shelf Cube Storage System. These systems keep clutter and disorganization at bay because it’s the system that works with your unique preference instead of being a one size fits all kind of system.

You can put these in any combination that you want. They can be used for clothing, shoes, children’s toys, books or whatever you’d like to keep organized. Now in a child’s bedroom, there are two things that cause disorganization and messes.

Those are toys and stuffed animals. Either can make a child’s room look overcrowded and unkempt. But using things like toy boxes, kids organizational shelving or stuffed animal hammocks can cut down on this kind of disorganization.

A great hammock for stuffed animals that’s reasonably priced is the Deluxe Pet Net – Stuffed Animal & Toy Organizer. It’s sturdy and kids like seeing all of their little animals together.

To keep toys neatly organized, you want to look at buying something such as Step 2 Lift & Hide Bookcase Storage Chest because you not only get room for toys, but for books as well.

For teenagers, who go into a stage where everything gets thrown wherever it happens to land, you might want to look at beds that have storage drawers beneath them and bookshelves on the end.

And let’s not forget about your closets

We’ve all seen comedy shows where someone opens a closet door and gets hit with a barrage of items ranging from toys to skis to books. This is an area of the home where people open the door, shove something in and then forget about it.

Since closets are a feature in many rooms in the house, the disorganization can be pretty big. But there are a variety of items that you can get that will help you tame this clutter regardless of whichever room it’s in.

You can buy closet doublers, which give you more room to hang clothing and you can buy tie racks, which mount onto the wall in the closet, are out of the way and yet keep all of your ties organized and ready.

What most people need is more shelving and more closet drawers. You can find that in the Whitmor 6779-4464 Closet Organizer Collection 3 Tier Shelves with 2 Collapsible Drawers.

Not having enough shoe space is a problem in many closets and you can double your shoe space by buying a few sets of the ClosetMaid Horizontal Laminate Closet Organizer for your footwear.

You can use a customizable organizer such as the Easy Track 4-to-8-Feet Deluxe Closet Starter Kit that keeps all of your hanging clothes as well as folded clothes organized.

There are also hanging shelf organizers that you can use, but these do tend to cut into the space that you have available for hanging your clothes. Complete systems are what are most popular and while these do run a little more cost-wise, they pay off in the long run.

Systems like John Louis Home JLH-522 Standard 12-Inch Depth Closet Shelving System add organization and beauty to your closet. Plus, good quality closet organizers add to the resale value of your home.

Organizing your home shouldn’t be overly expensive and it shouldn’t create more frustration for you. Invest in some affordable, easy-to-use tools and watch your home transform from chaos to calm in an instant!

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