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Tips To Help Your Exteriors Design Process

By on May 3, 2014

First impressions matter and that is why you need to make sure that your exteriors look the best.  Working on the exteriors is just the same as with the interiors; you need to pay attention to all aspects of your home. To make things easier for you, consider looking at magazines or visiting neighbourhoods to determine the styles that appeal to you and those that don’t. In doing this, you will be in a better position to identify the elements that will make your home beautiful or unique.

Some of aspects that you can check out include:

  • Line

Line is an important aspect of exteriors.  Different areas of the home’s exteriors are lines. Your roof, doors, windows, moulding and edges of forms and shapes create lines on your house.  You need to make a decision on the type of lines you want for your home-whether horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved.

  • Shape & Balance

The shape of the different structures in the home has an impact on the general appearance. You need to look at the shapes in the overall context of the home. Consider aspects such as landscaping and other natural features, and how you can use them with to complement or contrast the shape of the house.  You also need to make sure that all areas are in balance to achieve the best for your home.

  • Texture

What kind of texture do you want for your home?  Whichever type you select remember that it will have an impact in terms of depth and visual appeal of the entire home.

  • Space

While determining space, it is important to keep in mind that it can be 2D or 3D.  Keep in mind that exterior space will have a connection with the lines of the house such as the roof lines and window sills.

  • Colour

You can do a lot with colour. Contrasting colour can be used in drawing attention and complementing colours can be used to create a soothing blend.  You also have the chance to enhance your home using a single colour or a mixture of colours as per the effect you want to cause.  You have a variety of colour and colour blends to choose from as per your needs.

With all these factors in mind, try creating a unique look by blending different textures, colours and styles.  If you are unable to determine some of these aspects, it is advisable that you look for an expert that will help you make the best decision.

When looking for an exteriors expert, take your time. Select a person who will be interested in listening to your ideas and working with you in coming up with the best end product.  Look around for different contractors and see what they have to offer before you make a decision.  Ensure that you are also comfortable in interacting with the expert as this will make work easier for both of you, and you will not have any problems in expressing what you really want.

home exterior design worksHow to select the best people for your exteriors works

The exterior of your home is as important as the interior and for this reason you need to ensure that it is done to perfection. The only way through which this end can be achieved is by hiring professional contractors to take care of the project on your behalf. There are hundreds of contractors who will promise to deliver the best services and though this might be the case, it is essential for you to weigh your options carefully. To guide you through the process of selecting these contractors, you should take the following factors into consideration.

  • Start by confirming that the contractors are bonded and licensed. In addition to this, you have to confirm they have their paperwork in the proper order and while at it, ask them whether you can have a look at their insurance certificate and contractors. Get in touch with the licensing board in order to verify that the papers provided are authentic.
  • Your exterior should be perfectly designed and for this reason, look into the background of the contractors to confirm there are no complaints launched against them. If you find some complaints, find out how the contractors resolved them before you decide on whether or not to use the same.
  • Ask them how they intend to carry out the project and if you have any suggestions make them known. You should also ask them to give you options to work with and state any additional charges you might be asked to pay. It is essential for you to get quotes from a couple of companies in order to settle with one that matches up to your needs and requirements.
  • Find out about the kind of materials they intend to use and ideally this will include the size, color, brand, and quantity.
  • Before you commit to any service providers, it is ideal to find out exactly who will be handling the project. Is it subcontractors or employees? In the even they use subcontractors, this means you have to carry out your investigations and research on both.
  • It is important for you to ask the contractors to give you references as well in order to check them out and thus establish whether they have the capability of meeting your needs.
  • The exterior should be completed within the shortest timeline possible and as such, it is also important for you to ask them how soon they should expect to complete the project. If you have to reach an agreement, do it in person rather than having to do so over the phone. More importantly, make sure that the agreement reached upon is in writing. You should review this carefully as well and do not sign it unless certain you understand what it entails.
  • The contractor should also give you a warranty for the work they are willing to do in order to ensure you have peace of mind.

Once all these factors are taken into consideration, it should be easy for you to make a well informed decision on the company to use. It is essential to ensure they have a strong reputation and they have the capability of meeting and surpassing your expectations.

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