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White Apartment Kitchen With Rooster As Centerpiece

By on September 12, 2017

Animals have a deep culture within many Eastern cultures, especially the Chinese. The rooster is one of the animals in the Chinese zodiac signs and it’s not uncommon for households to design their houses with their personal zodiacs in mind. It is thought that these symbols carry energy that will be a force of support for certain people in the practice of feng shui. Yet adding the element of animal statues, monuments and pictures does not necessarily require a house to have an oriental look. Here is a simple kitchen with a layout commonly found in apartment flats that uses a basic color while adding the metaphysical power of the rooster to the area.

White finishing stove with oven (for the chicken?) underneath, under cabinet range hood above the stove, built-in kitchen cabinets with brass handles installed, condiment containers in various sizes in matching white, illustration of rooster in picture frame, white blender, square tiles on wall and counter tops, overmount sink, orange hand soap dispenser, pink roses display set, kitchen passthrough to living room, monster refrigerator with external ice dispenser, cute brown tiny teddy bear magnet on fridge door, hexagon floor tiles with wide grout, floor mat, rectangle wooden kitchen table, colorful porcelain rooster figurine, unlit candle with dish candle holder, display plates of different birds hung on top area of wall.

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