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White Theme Common Space Leading To Garden

By on July 4, 2017

When in doubt, you can seldom go wrong with white. It is also a color that can create a warm aura without being domineering when applied absolutely to a room. Because of it’s mass appeal, total white can even be used in common places. The key in maintaining this look is to keep clutter away, and hide items or fixtures in other colors away from sight. A tiny tinge of other colors add that extra spark to such design concepts.

White cushion 2 seater sofa, textured design fabric cushion covers, huge wall mirror, display cabinets and matching drawers with colorful porcelain vase above, square side table with wood  display monuments, full length outward-swinging doors with trims and fixed windows on top, candle-shaped wall lighting, live lilies on display table, round dining table with matching chairs, ink roses in clear vase, white cupboard, hardwood panel flooring, classy chandelier, door opens to fresh garden in backyard.

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