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Zen Bedroom With Earth Tone Color Theme

By on May 29, 2017

A lot of homeowners perceive a Balinese style as a category of zen. There’s nothing wrong with that as both styles supposedly share the same concept goal of creating calm, peace and tranquility in the house. A more obvious zen-styled home however will have little to no resemblance to the houses and rooms we see in Bali. A touch of dullness in color can be priceless when synergized with carefully blended earth tone.

King sized thick fluffy mattress. Blocky cushioned bed frame in dark brown. Floral design bolster and cushion cases. Wooden rustic side table. Stone monument stand for table lamp. New age artwork on wall above bed head. Concave wall fixtures for design purposes. Matching floral fabric for single seat sofa. Round side table with vase-shaped table lamp. Full flooring thin carpet. Full length sliding window/door for access to balcony. Mini spotlight facing downwards at an angle.

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