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3 Key Components Of Home Staging

By on November 21, 2013

Home staging have been around for years and demand for these services are rising as real estate markets hot up. In case home staging is something new to you, here is a layman interpretation of what is. It is the act of converting a home into a product. A merchandise that buyers will want to buy. If you have ever waited in line at 7-Eleven to pay for something, you will notice these irresistible counter items that you just want to grab and purchase. These are extreme examples of how merchandising works. Staging a home is something like that. The objective is to entice the temptation of potential buyers to buy as the home has suddenly become a desirable product.

Want to see the final product of a place that has been staged? Go take a trip down to a new launch condominium showroom and you will get a first hand experience on witnessing a completed staging. A buyer of a new condominium will not end up with anything like what they see in the showroom. But heck! The effects of staging is so big that buyers are willing to pay way over market value even though they know explicitly that they are getting a final product close to an empty shell.

Home staging has nothing to do with home decorations or the general condition of the house. It is about preparing a house by dressing it up to sell at the highest price possible to benefit the seller. And it revolves around 3 key components.

home stage1) Squeaky clean. Cleanliness is not a choice. You simply have to get the place cleaned at a high quality level. Every exposed surface has to be squeaky clean. This includes the window grills, top of door frames, that little corner of the bed frame, behind the television set, exposed pipes in the washroom, etc. No compromise allowed. Walls have to be scrubbed, and repainted if necessary. Carpets have to be vacuumed and the curtains have to be washed. If you are a smoker or a pet lover, the odour in your house can really be a turn off to potential buyers. Don’t take this personally. But if you are a serious player, you have to use products that eliminate these odours. This is not the time to think that people have to accept you as who you are. You are merchandising a product. And bad odour will not help your case at all.

2) Clutter free. The fact is that we tend to be blind with our own clutter. A huge cupboard of your personal library can make you feel good about yourself. But to someone else who does not care two cents on your knowledge of political studies, it will be an ugly clutter. Your collection of priceless Gundam robot figurines may remind you of your fun childhood days, but to a stranger visiting your open house, it can be an obscene clutter. Some cables running along the corners of the wall can be deemed as a necessary visual compromise on your part, but visitors do not care about your convenience and will deem them as unsightly clutter.

Clutter is unsightly and for many people, it can actually arouse stress just by seeing it. You have to train yourself to identify these clutters and take steps to remedy them so as to stage your home. Common items that have to be cleared include, toy model collections, books, refrigerator magnets, photo frames, wiring, soft toys, newspapers, dish holders, wardrobes, shelves with transparent doors, shoe racks that overflow as soon as you open the doors, etc.

3) Visual impact. You want your place to look refreshing instead of dull. Dark colours make a room look small while bright or neutral ones make them appear larger than they really are. Very often all you need to do to brighten up your place is perform some vigorous cleaning and scrubbing of the walls, unless we are talking about a dark dull wall colour. Use chemical products to remove stubborn stains. If all else fails, a new paint job will definitely do the trick. If you are doing this yourself, remember to add a light base colour over the existing paint before applying the colour that you want. This is also an opportunity to hide cracks and holes in the walls from years of your abuse.

White lights are dull and does not create any ambiance in a room. Use warm or cool colours to create an immediate visual impact. Since we are talking about lighting here, LED lights look great thanks to Audi. Fluorescent lights although practical, seldom add visual value to a home. The same goes with light bulbs. Replacing these lighting is very affordable. It is probably unpractical to design new lightings when you are staging a home for sale. Talk to a professional home stager. They will have ways to make it work for you.

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