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Iskandar Is A Tempting Investment In Malaysia

By on August 6, 2013

Getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity is what every investor dreams of while smiling in their sleep. Currently, massive investment funds are flowing into Iskandar, Malayasia. There are a number of developed countries, including neighboring Singapore, investing in Iskandar. There are billions of dollars being invested in all areas, from transportation to real estate. As well, there is heavy investment in gas and oil, which in conjunction will bring more money to the growing economy. There are a number of exciting investment opportunities to watch for and invest in. An example would be the solar cell plant at Senai Airport which includes research and development. Biocon is setting up a research and development site which will focus on products for diabetes medicine. Many different types of research companies are starting to expand into Iskandar and investors are needed.

Commercial property values have not yet hit their peak. This is understandable as major work-in-progress is constantly going on to churn Iskandar into a commercial hub for the region. There are people who have invested in Iskandar with the idea of opening one major business and then noted the advantages of investing in other types of commercial ventures. Being is so close to Singapore, which is becoming overpriced. Many property-crazy investors who had been in Singapore are now putting their funds into the potential of Iskandar and what it can become. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a huge portion of real estate investors knocking on Iskandar’s doors originate from Singapore. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the price of a private condominium in Singapore, can purchase 3 similar condominiums of equal quality in Iskandar. And it also isn’t a coincidence that the attractiveness of Iskandar compounds by being located so close to Singapore.

Modern investment propertyIskandar, Malaysia sits close to Singapore and there is major work being done on transportation, to make business even more profitable. it boasts two world class ports and is easy to reach by air, land or sea. One of the major transportation systems in the pipeline is the RTS and High Speed Rail, connecting Singapore and Malaysia. More quality rails are being considered as the population grows. With the thousands of new condominiums being build and the considerable commercial environment being harnessed, we can sure expect the population to grow steadily. Residents of Singapore who find the standard of living too high might even migrate over. This could indeed be a rising trend if the costs of living becomes too high in the Lion City State.

The wages are very competitive, with a low inflation rate and only a 3-4% unemployment rate. The workforce is well educated and it is not difficult to find multilingual employees. All this should be taken into consideration, when looking at investment for building a major business. But because of the proximity to Singapore, workers might prefer working in Singapore instead because of the strong dollar.

Iskandar’s property prices are currently less expensive than Singapore or Hong Kong. However, it must be noted that these 2 countries are experiencing unprecedented growth of property prices that resemble housing bubbles. So much so that the governments are taking extreme measures to cool off the market. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Iskandar has something for everyone. Iskandar uses an interesting method for developing districts. There are currently five, which are labeled “flagships.” Checking a map you will note Flagship A to Flagship B, with each flagship have its own unique identity.

One popular spot is Avira. It is a wellness resort and at the moment features a mix of residential homes and condominiums. The interest in this particular area has doubled over the years.

With this in mind, there are great universities and a British school for kids that has an excellent reputation. Like California, it boasts theme parks and a massive movie studio. The attractive draw of the area can be seen from the opening of LEGO land and Premium Outlets. On top of that prominent businessmen are pumping their money into the developments over there. The attractions in Singapore are also much closer than a trip to Kuala Lumpur. These include famous tourists spots like the Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, and the Night Safari.

The main concern for foreign investors could just be the strength of the Malaysian Ringgit. Although a cheaper Ringgit can mean a lower investment outlay for an investor, a continually depreciating currency could eat into the gains of a foreign investor like a parasite.

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