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Real Estate Virtual Assistants Will Make Your Job Easier

By on April 3, 2016

I believe that a big part of why we choose real estate is the goal of financial freedom. But more than that, it’s about earning more money while doing less work.

Which is why I’m equally puzzled why so many investors and landlord choose to take on so much work in the area of operations.

It’s like having a cake and refusing to eat it… even when it’s safe to do so.

I acknowledge that some investors have a specific target in mind. And they put it upon themselves to reach that target before starting to enjoy life a little. The is absolutely nothing wrong with self-discipline.

But why make financial independence an end-game instead of a journey?

Especially when you can free up at least half your working hours by hiring a real estate virtual assistant. And if “workaholic” is indeed your middle name, you can spend that extra time on matters that are of higher value.

If you haven’t heard of the Pareto principle, 20% of the activities you do bring in 80% of your income. So in effect, you you free up 50% of your time and focus that time on the 20% that REALLY matters, your income from flipping houses and renting out homes can potentially explode.

Sounds awesome to you? Well, the simple answer could lie in signing up a virtual assistant to help you.

What is a real estate virtual assistant?

Don’t let the phrase frighten you. We are not talking about artificial intelligence or things we find in sci-fi movies like The Matrix.

A virtual assistant is basically someone working for you remotely. And because you might NEVER EVER meet this staff in person, the word “virtual” becomes somewhat appropriate to label them.

In other words, you are getting someone to work for you without needing him/her to be a legal employee of yours. This can be an attractive proposition for those who have had nightmares from employment laws.

The even better part is that they only cost a fraction of a typical employee’s salary because:

  • you only pay for the hours they were doing your assigned tasks
  • they take on work on an ad-hoc basis enabling them to take on many customers
  • they can be located halfway around the world that has a significantly lower standard of living
  • they eliminate training costs as they are already proficient with soft skills and the use of many popular software

Moreover, since you will be hiring an assistant who specializes in real estate services, you can be certain that they have the know-how of how to get around the block in the industry.

In fact, don’t be surprised if they are more knowledgeable than you!

So what kind of jobs can they do for a real estate investor?

Before you think that you could possibly outsource your investing activities to them, I have to warn you not to expect too much from your virtual real estate assistant. But you can definitely delegate the micro jobs to them.

You know… the ones that are tedious and eat up so much of your precious time.?

Design and order business cards. If you find that it’s about time you use a more posh looking business card, it is no longer a problem you need to prolong. You will also never have to forget printing new cards when they run out. Just assign the tasks and you are done.

Design marketing material. Photoshop will no longer be a sticky point of yours. You can send instructions to design new material anytime.

Manage your website and blog. The bewilderment with coding and web design will now be a thing of the past. Web development skills is a core feature that comes with virtual assistants. And if your blog is starved of fresh content, they can write and post it online for you.

Be your social media manager. Other than designing websites, you can expect them to be experts in managing social media accounts. Consistent updates can potentially help you slowly build a strong following online.

Write ads for classifieds listings. Can you believe that copywriters charge hundreds of dollars just to write 3 sentences for ad copy? Well, now you can leverage on the writing skills of your remote assistant. They must have written thousands of them already from previous jobs.

Run and manage online marketing campaigns. If you can’t figure out how to run efficient real estate ads on Facebook and Google, your prayers are finally answered. This is one area where they will be really good in.

Follow ups and correspondence. Think it’s a good idea to email past clients or new leads but don’t have the time? Leave it to them. Just don’t get complacent. Remember to review every email before they get sent.

Managing appointments. Find it too cumbersome to go back and forth with buyers and sellers for an appointment. Outsource that hassle to your assistant.

Property research. Basic investigative work on ownership, titles, public records, master plans, recent transacted prices in the area, indicative valuations, amenities in the area, schools in the vicinity, nearby roads and highways, etc.

Proofreading of documents. Surely you have to admit that even the sharpest mind can sometimes miss out details in long-winded contracts.

Enhance and tweak photos. You are not going to Photoshop a slump into a luxury mansion. But at least present a house in it’s best light will help you get more eyeballs on real estate listing websites.

Networking. Probably every investor and agent in this industry will agree that networking plays a part in success. The problem is that it can take a lot of effort to do so. Leave the networking to your virtual helper.

Get honest opinions. When was the last time you felt you got an honest opinion on real estating issues from someone in the industry? You assistant is neither a tenant, a seller, nor buyer. There’s no hidden agenda. And he might even be someone “in the know”.

I believe that you are a smart person. And you should know that the list above is not the full spectrum of tasks that you can get assistants to do.

I just want to list down enough to get you to start thinking about the possibilities.

There is almost an infinite number of micro jobs that you can hire a real estate virtual assistant to do. And they usually have the experience to back up their claims.

Should you really hire a virtual assistant?

The answer really depends on how much you value what you do. And this value should not only be reflected by your perception, but by the economics as well.

The good news is that the more rental property you own, the more passive income you should be generating consistently. And the more flips you do on a regular basis, the stronger your cash flow. If you are truly active in real estate, the regular cash flow should be enough to make the costs of hiring virtual assistants insignificant.

And you will find that the expenses you incur for hiring them a small price to pay for the value they bring to the table.

A starter plan for their services can cost at little as $200/month and below. While more extensive service plans can costs above $1000/month or more. It goes without saying that the bigger your plan, the more task you can allocate to them.

I’d say that if you are already a full-time property investor and you DO actually spend 8 hours or more a day solving problems and managing operations, getting a virtual real estate assistant can really free up your time to do the things that really matter in business and in your personal life.

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