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4 Steps To Get Maximum Exposure For Your Open House

By on April 13, 2015

Very few people buy houses without ever visiting the physical property they are buying. If you have ever sold a previous property without having the buyer visiting, I have a lot to learn from you. In any case, do not confuse a site visit with an open house.

An open house is basically a mini reception party that you organize so that prospective buyers can come and view the place. When prospects are able to view and inspect the many areas of a home, they are more likely able to gather the information needed to make a decision. The ultimate goal is to get people to put concrete offers on the table.

Even though open houses are most often organized by real estate agents, there is nothing wrong with organizing one for yourself. But since you might lack the experience and cheat sheet that an agent possess, you want to at least have a guideline on what you could do for your one-day event to become a success.

Get creative with words

Prospects don’t come to your place to be entertained or just to mingle with you. They are there to see whether the house is seductive enough to warrant a page in their cheque books.

Every marketer knows the value of wordplays. And in an odd way, customers know that they are being blasted with marketing word plays all the time. But they would very much prefer it than to see an ad copy that states how bad a product is. In fact, if you don’t add some creativity into your headlines and descriptions, prospects might even give you a pass because of how bad your advertisements are. Any different words are interpreted differently by different people. So there is no harm in going for the jugular in your copywriting.

You want to present your house as located in a high demand and low supply area. By creating a perception of scarcity, you immediately make your house more valuable in the mind of the reader. Even when that is a fact, you cannot expect every home hunter to know how in-demand your house potentially is. If your home is not scarce but located near a scares area, make sure to use that as a hook in your advert as well.

If your house is located in a prime location for specific target markets, make sure to mention that. For example, if there is an international school nearby, you could hit the sweet spot by addressing students in your advert.

conduct open house for exposureHome staging

The ultimate mood-breaker is when someone pulls up in front of your house and drives off without getting off the car. This is a clear case of you failing the test of curb appeal.

Your role as the home owner is to make sure your house is at it’s best condition possible. This means that eyesores like clutter, dusty windows, and stained pipes have no reason to reside if you are a serious player. If you are new to think, read up a little on home staging.

It can sound tedious and cause dizziness to some people when the tasks needed for home staging is explained. But if you turn it around, would you stage your home if you are paid $5,000 to do it? 9 times out of 10, you would. Well, that scenario is more real than you think. Because by presenting your house in the best condition that it can be, you could possibly sell it by an extra $5,000. And we have yet to even touch on the very real possibility that you might take an extra month to sell the house should you refuse to stage it.

Home staging is such a basic principle that most home sellers understand why it works and how to do it. But it is due to laziness that it is not done more often than it deserves to. The bottom line is that if you want to sell your house at the highest price you could in the shortest time possible, home staging must be in your to-do list. There is no dispute to that.

Invite your neighbours

Your hottest prospects are actually your neighbours. They like the area. Otherwise they would have moved long ago. Many want to upsize or downsize their living space but have never given moving a serious thought as they don’t want to move into a new area with new surroundings. You home could be the perfect opportunity that have been waiting for.

Some people might even have a motivated agenda to get their friends or relatives to move into the area. By seeing that not only are you ready to sell, but conducting an open house, they might turn up to scout the place before passing the message to their friends. Or they might invite their friends over to the open house. If you know your neighbours personally, they might even have the impression that you maintain your house very well. This gives them more sales material to sell it to their friends.

You can easily drop flyers into the mailboxes in the area. You could even add a personal touch by going up to the door and distribute your marketing material yourself. To give them an incentive, you could open up 1 hour before you officially open to the general public.

Provide directions

You don’t want prospects who genuinely want to buy a property in the area to never get there. And even if drivers who are bad in directions finally arrive, you don’t want a mood of frustration hanging over their head.

In your flyers or brochures, include a map that shows exactly where your house is located. Remember to label major roads and landmarks. If you predict that you won’t have enough parking space, provide information on at least 2 areas where they can park their vehicles.

If it permits, put up arrow signs to guide visitors as they drive along. It’s also free exposure for regular drivers on the road. Finally, you want to clearly mention the start and end time of the open house.

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