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4 Easy Tricks That Will Impress Visiting Buyer Prospects

By on May 15, 2015

If there is a science to real estate valuation, a flurry of professionals will go out of business and file for social welfare. When you think about it, the simple survival of the whole industry is based on the one act of buyers and sellers agreeing on price. Everything will stop churning if no agreement to purchase is ever reached. That’s the craziness that drives the multi-billion dollar industry.

Once you acknowledge the fact that property value is more of a perception in the mind of the beholder, you might begin to realize that little things can have huge impacts of perceived value if you manage to hit the right notes. This is why every little effort you put into buying or selling a house could be the trigger that gives you an absolute advantage against the opposing party involved.

To get a prospecting buyer, for example, to value your home more highly, you would want to hit those sweet spots that arouse an emotional reaction. And these have nothing to do with master plans, recent transaction prices, costs of roof replacement, etc. You want to embed an intangible value into his head so as to put your asset in a better light.

The best occasion to go about your tactics is to organize an open house. Or find some way get the prospects to see your house physically. Those pictures you upload on the internet classifieds portals will not be able to achieve what you can achieve up close. Now if a potential buyer has already made the effort to physically go down to your place to have a look, you can assume that his interest is more than just average. It will be this time when you will be able to use these 4 tricks to enhance the visitor experience.


Our primal ability to smell is one of the most overlook among the 5 senses. We often make an effort to remove odor. But the more powerful way to use this sense is to enhance the scent of your home.

Ideally, you want to have the type of scent that induces the feeling of comfort, warmth, and tranquility. And you don’t need to make a trip down to the fragrance store too. Because nothing creates as much of a homely smell than the scent of baking.

The great part of this is that you don’t have to make a mess of your kitchen and stain your granite tiles. You actually just need to bake a cookie or bread to create that aroma. Just toss them in the oven for a few minutes and you are done. That sure beats the stench of moist clothing lying around the bedroom.


It is amazing how many agents do not even advise their seller clientele to even consider playing some music in the background. It is like leaving money on the table. When you are going into battle with the full intention of a good outcome, you want to be firing on all cylinders. And sound, just like scent, if often an element that is neglected.

Soft, soothing music is generally relaxing to everyone. You might even create a feeling of a being a lounge. And you know what people tend to do in lounges? They spend money on hugely overpriced items. It does not matter that you are not actually in one. What matters is it throws an emotional factor into the fray. And that is what disorientates the logical mind.

Focal point

The power of focus and distraction is what keeps magicians in business. They wouldn’t be able to make a living in Vegas if they are unable to control your attention. If you can create an overpowering focal point, the prospect will be talking about it all the way home. And all the defects in your house might be overlooked.

Some common focal points are fireplaces, spathrooms, bar counters, full length mirrors, etc. If you already have these fixtures in your house, beautify them to make them stand out. If not, get creative. Even an expertly designed flower arrangement strategically placed can become a point of focus. Ask your agent for advice. Experienced agents will probably keep a scrap book of these things in their back pockets.


Who would value a dim gloomy house that looks lifeless from the inside. You don’t need to put up spot lights to brighten up the place. In fact, that can be detrimental. What you can do is pull up all the curtains and blinds let in natural light. It makes the house appear bigger than it actually is. It’s an illusion that is used by major developers all over the world.

You can also consider switching all the lights. But sometimes, that can have a negative effect especially when your lighting is too white. If you go to any of the cosy bars or cafes, you will notice that none of them use lighting in bright white. That is because warm lighting makes everything look better. Even people. If your house is not fitted with warm lights, go natural.

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