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Home Areas That Create Appealing First Impressions To Visitors

By on October 9, 2013

First impressions last. There are no 2 ways about it. If a buyer has a great impression of your property, it will be on the shortlist for consideration when he has finished his viewings. Although every individual will have differing tastes and preference, there are certain things that are universally appealing like how a clean uncluttered floor will look more appealing to the beholder compared to a dirty one.


To create an inviting entrance to visitors, put a new door mat at the entrance. Use shoe racks with doors that does not expose your dirty shoes. If you are one of those people who grow plants at your front door or corridor, do not go overboard with these plants.


Remember to remove all garbage, debris and trash from every area. Clear your rubbish bins as well. If you keep a huge stack of old newspapers, at least pack them up nicely if you are unable to dispose them quickly or hide them from view.


Do a thorough check on all lighting fixtures in the house. These include ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, down lights, feature lights, spot lights, even the aquarium lights. Replace all faulty bulbs.


Sweeping the floor alone is often not enough. You want visitors to have that squeaky feeling of cleanliness when walking around the house. A simple wash with soap is enough to achieve this effect.

messy shoe rack

Messy shoe rack at front door is an awful sight


A wardrobe that looks like it is choking to death does not create a great impression. You might argue that buyers or tenants will remove everything and use it for themselves. So a messy cupboard is excusable. But if our objective is to create a winning first impression, it will help you if you pack up the wardrobe and avoid packing your clothing like sardines. Also make sure that closet lights are working.

Windows and mirrors

Wash windows and mirrors for a clean look. Your goal is to eliminate every dirty imprint including fingerprints. A window screen or sliding door screen that is dirty is very obvious even for an untrained eye. Some people may find it too disgusting to imagine living in such a slump.

Kitchen area

Clean all surface areas in the kitchen. Remove all oily stains. Wipe the stove, countertops and appliances. The smell of food can sometimes be a turnoff for some people. The best is if you can create the minty odour of a freshly cleaned kitchen.


Wipe the floor and sink dry. Remove all stains and leave the toilet seat down. Clean all surfaces including exposed piping. To top it all off, use air-fresheners and air the toilet before a visitor arrives for viewing.


As long as you trim everything to create the managed look, you should be fine for this area. Trim the grass, trees, bushes and shrubs

Remove clutter

Every home will have items that easily create clutter when we neglect it. These include newpapers, magazines, stationary, exposed wiring, clothing, books, letters, accessories, personal care products, etc. Declutter everything. Use boxes if necessary. What you want is to at least keep them away from sight.

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