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List Of Common Tenant Problems You Will Face As A Landlord

By on October 27, 2013

No matter how well you have prepared your property, no matter how many houses you own, you are going to get that dreaded call while reading the afternoon papers. Problems however big or small will come up and it is your landlording duty to attend to them. Problems can compound when you ignore them. So make it a habit to take remedy action as soon as you see fit. Here is a list of common issues tenants will call you up on. If you know them, you can learn for yourself how to fix them or prepare contractors on hand to call upon whenever the situation requires so.

Sewage choke

Leaking roof

Fluorescent lights and bulbs burning out

Doors and windows that cannot open

Lost keys to apartment

Broken or faulty lock

Water heater breaks down

Washing machine that is not working

Refrigerator breaks down

Peeling paint work

Air-conditioner does not work

Heater does not work

Leaks in piping

Stove that does not heat up

Garbage is not being cleared

Pest problems

Toilet does not flush

Faulty electrical switch

Unable to find the channels for cable TV

Not enough water pressure in the shower

Faulty stereo system

Unable to connect to the internet

Computer does not boot up

DVD player does not play

Telephone does not ring

The electric kettle no longer works

Garden requires maintenance

Surely you can tell if this requires immediate attention?

Surely you can tell if this requires immediate attention?

There are probably another thousand and one problems that tenants can call you for.

When you do receive a call, you have to judge whether it is something that demands immediate attention. Things that will compound the graveness of the problem if you don’t fix it will definitely be the ones that requires immediate attention. For example, a leaking roof can cause your whole house to be drenched in dirt water if you leave it unattended. A heating failure can cause your tenants health problems in winter.

The next category of problems are those that does not compound a problem. But these are the ones that will cost you money if you leave it unfixed. These include leaking taps, lights that will not switch off, etc. Although you do not have to attend to these problems immediately upon call-up, it would benefit your pockets to attend to them as soon as your time allows.

The third category of items are those that can wait. Take note that leaving it too long to fix these stuff can cause friction between you and the tenant. These items include a new paint job, fixing the kitchen cabinets, etc.

Remember that tenants are human too and they can tell when you are really busy with other stuff or just plain ignorant. It is your job to fix their problems in a timely manner. Failing to do so will only give you a bad reputation and lose tenants as well.

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