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7 Tips To Be Happy Without Being Rich

By on January 17, 2018

I believe that 99.9% of people would choose to be rich if given a choice. The remaining 0.1% are probably those who have yet to face the realities of the modern world.

Yes, you will be able to get by with little fuss with budget meals and little to no entertainment indulgences.

But surely on some days, you would like to have the steak with wine when you feel like it?

If you have always played the part of chasing money and don’t have a clear idea why you are doing so, here’s a general overview.

Having more money helps to meet your desires in 3 areas.


You will be living a pretty stressful life if you have to go through your daily routines and have a real legitimate fear of foreclosure or having the electricity cut off from your home.

Better relationships

The number 1 reason why couples or family members fight is money.

Even if the problems are over trivial matters, the root of the problems are often related to finances when you dig a little deeper.

Other than that, imagine the things you can do with your loved ones when money is not an issue. That leads us to the third area.


Some of us are so pampered with our lifestyles that we cannot imagine a world without them.

Day spa sessions, resort vacations, dinner at fancy restaurants, etc, you name it.

These are the things that help us “get away” from the stress we face in real life. Without them, people can very possibly go insane from the pressures of work and responsibilities.

But when you take the 3 areas and spread them out in a mind map, it might dawn on you that a lot of the stuff you think you need money for can actually be attained without money.

How’s that for some food for thought? Here are some tips to be happy without being rich.

1) Stay healthy

If there is something that we are never thankful enough for, it is good health.

There are many unfortunate people around the world who are not as healthy as you.

It’s not that they choose to be so. But because of events that are beyond their control.

If you have the good fortune of having good health, do not neglect it.

Take care of your body and do not abuse it. You won’t be able to enjoy your wealth if you are unhealthy anyway.

2) Don’t compare

If you have a nasty habit of beating yourself down by comparing your financial position with others, you will never be happy.

There will always be someone who is richer than you. Even if someone is lesser off than you, you will think they are better off when they appear to be more contented and happy than you.

Stop comparing and focus on your own goals.

3) Stop buying into the messages in the media

If you are watching a commercial about condominiums, you will see how well you can live by being rich.

If you read an advertisement on vacations, you will see how much you can experience when you are rich.

You will never see the undesirable sides of the equation.

For example, they don’t’ show the stress a high monthly mortgage have on the family and the stolen passports of those who travel.

Stop yourself from being brain-washed by mass media.

If you have a lower expectation of things, you are more easily happy.

4) Be practical

You might need a car to get to work. But buying a sports car to do that job is a little excessive.

Stop think about how people think about you and you get closer to being contented.

Realistically, you might be unable to afford luxury products for yourself.

But that is no reason to beat yourself for it. You need things for the practicality, not their showmanship.

5) Get social

We are social beings. And one of the things that make us most happy, appreciated, and recognized is socializing and belonging to a community.

You don’t need to be rich to be loved by the people around you.

When you realize that people like you for your own uniqueness instead of how much your wallet bulges, you might realize that you have the wrong idea connecting social acceptance and money all along.

6) Find activities you enjoy doing

Fishing enthusiast will tell you that they don’t have to dig out their credit cards when they wait for their baits to hook up a storm. Bikers will tell you that they don’t have to decorate their vehicles with dollar bills in order to enjoy riding. Woodworkers will tell you that they don’t need to use coins to cut their wood.

They enjoy their hobbies by simply doing it.

When you immerse yourself on your hobbies, you have less time to spend more and you are happy while doing it.

If what you love to do is an expensive hobby, surely there are other hobbies you can love. Don’t lie to yourself.

7) Pursue a life purpose

I will be totally stumped if someone tells me that their life purpose is to be rich. That is like buying a grill for it’s features instead of it’s benefits.

People who are just focused on being rich are not very clear on why they are doing so in the first place.

When you are able to specifically identify a life goal, you will often realize that being rich is not a requirement to achieve that.

The weird thing is that many people become rich on the way toward their life goals.

The bottom line

The gist is that the key to being happy without being wealthy is to be contented with what you have instead of being unhappy with what you don’t have.

Satisfaction is not about how much money you have, but how much money you want.

When you have a less drastic expectation of yourself financially, you fulfill that need and find time to indulge yourself in the other areas of life.

Those are the areas that really make you happy.

Just remember not for confuse with having a lower expectation with having no expectations. You want to reach your peak while being realistic of what’s possible.

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