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Your Natural Gifted Talent Of Picking Winning Stocks

By on February 19, 2019


Be honest with yourself. Will you be contented to make average returns that the market is generating year-on year?

Even though historical data index funds show that you will make a lot of money by holding onto them, it also means that should you buy them, you will be making as much money as the market.

That does not make you an outlier. It doesn’t make you wealthier than the thousands of people also vested in them.

You are merely keeping up with the market. And you feel insulted by becoming just another average investors not savvy enough to pick your own basket of stocks.

Even though only a handful of investors were able to beat the DOW over long periods of time, it does not mean that you will not be able to replicate that.

In fact, it only proves that it is possible.

And it’s time you make good use of that natural gift you have that nature implanted into your head for picking stocks. Your calling is here. And the stock market is where you unleash that stock-picking beast that will make you a legend.

If there’s anything the trading guru taught you in that weekend trading bootcamp, it is to aim for the sky.

Even if you can beat almost everybody in returns by just buying into an index fund, your returns will still be considered average by the trolls in stock forums. You definitely have a point to prove by out-trolling them.

Why in the world would you buy into the tried and tested S&P500 when it consist so much of financial stocks.

You know… the industry that the market completely wiped the floor with in 2008? And they say real estate are better than stocks by default.

You would have made a pile from energy stocks instead. Enron? That is just a one-off that caught everyone by surprise.

The world is wiser now than to fall for that again. It is now a world where you short mortgage CDOs at the right place at the right time.

Yes, even though index funds have outperformed most single stocks since 2008, it only makes you average as mentioned earlier. You are better than that.

You have the gift of stock picking in your corner. That is something that no amount of training can compete against.

And while high profile investment gurus who made their names picking winning stocks are underperforming against index funds, it just means nothing to you.

They have grown complacent and no longer have the drive you do. They are probably too old to understand the technological world that exists today anyway.

You grew up with the internet and you feel more connected to the world of equities.

Not home equity, mind you. It’s financial equities.

You see, if everything in the universe is made up of the same matter, winning stocks will send a message to you to inform you beforehand when it has bottomed out. It will then be time to load up your portfolio with it.

That is what your natural gift of stock picking is all about.

Why go for an overall fund that contain make types of equities when you will eventually be average. It is like a self-declaration that you are no better than the guy next door.

And even if you swallow that up for a second, you have to admit that the boo-boys do make a legitimate point.

Because even when index funds beat most single stocks and shares by quite a bit over time, the results you get does not make you a Warren Buffet or George Soros.

That is the league in which you belong. Otherwise you are wasting your unquestionable gift.

You are not an average Joe. You are superior. If anything, you are the Advantage Joe.

And you buy stocks like Google and Facebook before venture capitalists even heard about them. That’s the playground you ravel in. There’s absolutely no putting your money in something unless a minimum 100 times in value appreciation is expected.

The answer will be pretty obvious by now.

You need to leave behind the endless stream of people advising you to buy indexes for stable profits.

You need to pull up your socks and call upon your gift of stock picking. Do your research from the reports that stockbrokers produce constantly. Then dig into them way into the night while leaving your after-shave on in the morning so that you friend know your hunches are verified with your own research.

Now once you have chosen this path, be prepared for the party poopers who warn you about the internet bubble or the real estate house of cards.

The stories of investors who lose their shirts are overhyped by the media. The brokers who make themselves a joke by picking “winning” stocks on national television don’t have the breath of comprehension you do.

You know when to buy and when to sell.

Most importantly, you can pick the few stocks out of thousands that will explode and leave everything else in it’s wake.

If ever you do make a loss, don’t worry about it. These hiccups can happen to everybody. You at least still have that feeling on a new IPO which will make you the next million.

Even when you have already lost everything twice over, deep inside, you know that you are just one stock pick away from financial freedom.

It’s a mystery why that one pick has yet to arrive in your investing lifespan…

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