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6 Best Beverage Refrigerators

By on June 16, 2018

It used to be that a basic refrigerator is more than enough for the average household to store everything from fresh food, frozen food, drinks, and even leftovers.

But as consumer buyers power rise over the years and household appliances going into niches, suddenly it just seems so right to keep a separate fridge for the beverages.

Dual zone fridges just don’t cut it.

There are some key factors that is causing this shift in mindset:

  • Houses are getting bigger and buying power is increasing
  • Beverages are so much cheaper by the cartons
  • The huge variety of soft drinks and beer in supermarkets are just too tempting
  • We have so much junk in the fridge these days that there is simply not enough space
  • Home appliances and electronics are becoming more affordable
  • The internet has made purchasing them hassle free
  • etc

Other than the fact that putting a beverage refrigerator on display is pretty cool to look at (pun intended), it’s a really nice machine to show off to guests or share images of on social media.

It would also feel luxurious like you are at your own convenient store choosing which drink to grab.

Whatever your reasons to get a separate refrigerator for beverages, whether it makes sense or not, here are some of the best beverage refrigerators so that you never have to worry about not having chilled drinks again.

1) Danby DBC120BLS

Affordably priced at below $200, it’s no surprise that Danby 120-Can beverage center is one of the most popular household beverage refrigerators on the market.

At such a price point, it’s the best budget model and best value model too.

Because let’s be honest here. We’d rather spend that extra money on the latest smart phone.

But what it lacks in scary retail prices, is no reflection of it lacking in quality.

It is build with a tempered glass clear door tinted for UV protection, framed with a stainless steel trim, with black interior shelves creating a timeless classy look that would look out of place in a posh bar. An interior light enhances it’s aesthetic appearance even more.

Note that even though it’s UV protected, it’s not intended for outdoor use.

  • Capacity – 120 cans or about 60 wine bottles
  • Dimensions – 19.8 x 17.9 x 33.7 inches

The temperature can be programmed to between 43°F – 57°F (6°C – 14°C) by using the thermostat control knob.

An “Auto Cycle” defrost system where defrosted water is disposed automatically by channeling it to a drip tray on the compressor. After which heat from the compressor acts to evaporate the residue water from the fresh food compartment.

What surprised us a little about the Danby DBC120BLS is that it has an integrated lock that requires a key to unlock on the magnetic door gasket.

I guess you do need to keep out people who cannot resist the temptation of grabbing one of the drinks.

Reversible doors that enable hinges to switch sides make it able to cater to how you configure the kitchen or wherever you are placing it.

2) hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

hOmeLabs is a brand that we often come across in our review of best household products. So it’s little surprise that we see another one of it’s stellar line of products here.

The hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is another 120-can beverage cooler that offers great value for money and 2 year warranty.

It looks like a twin brother of Danby DBC120BLS with it’s clear access door, stainless steel frame and adjustable black interior shelving. Even the interior LED light is also blue.

  • Capacity – 120 cans or about 60 wine bottles
  • Dimensions 19.3 x 17.3 x 33.2 inches

It can cool down to 36°F(6°C) and comes with a built-in digital display that shows the temperature for monitoring. And temperature setting presets in case you might want to change temperature regularly.

A small fan located at the top chamber level maintains air circulation so that temperature is evenly spread inside the fridge.

On top of that, it has an auto defrosting function.

Top-rated on many marketplaces and amazingly quiet, it would have taken up top spot on this list if it has a lower price point.

Yet if an extra $30-$40 is not a concern to you, maybe shelling out that little extra more than the Danby will be worth it here.

3) NewAir AB-1200

Like hOmeLabs, NewAir has carved out a name for itself with affordable quality home appliance products incorporating latest technology.

NewAir AB-1200 is a beverage refrigerator with a 126-can capacity that chills contents down to as low as 34°F(1°C). Allowing it to be set at a wide range (34°F to 64°F) of temperature settings.

So do expect your drink to be served not just chilled, but frosty!

  • Capacity – 126 cans or about 63 bottles of wine
  • Dimensions – 19 x 18.2 x 33.1 inches

You can set the temperature to what you desire. Or use one of the 7 preset thermostat settings from 1 (warmest) to 7 (coldest).

Internal racks are made of metal with chrome finish, giving it a glossy and shiny look on the inside.

While the transparent glass front door is not tampered glass, it’s a double pane to ensure integrity.

The design makes it suitable both as a free standing refrigerator, under counter refrigerator, or countertop mini fridge.

Just be mindful that if you are installing it as an under-counter or built-in refrigerator, remember to leave clearance around it for proper air circulation.

4) Whynter BR-130SB

This is a model that uses a powerful compressor and internal air-cooled system to create an evenly cooled internal space so that there is consistency in temperature throughout the beverage refrigerator.

Like the model from hOmeLabs, it has an internal fan to maintain air circulation.

  • Capacity – 120 cans or about 60 wine bottles
  • Dimensions – 18.5 x 17 x 33 inches

With an oversized towel bar handle made with stainless steel creating an imposing impression, it’s jet black cabinet and stainless steel door trim only adds to the sleek look the Whynter BR-130SB possess.

We’re not kidding. This machine is gorgeous and looks premium enough to be a centerpiece or a focal point in a room.

This design is perfect for retailing and commercial operations like for a provision shop, convenience store, or the common shared space of offices and serviced residences.

Mechanical temperature control allows the user to set the temperature from between high 30ºF to mid 60ºF. To be honest, I find it a little concerning that they are not very specific with the temperature range. It’s not comforting at all.

The doors are reversible like a couple of the other models we have reviewed.

Overall, this is all about the looks and command a premium price compared to other models. Yet… it might be money well spent.

5) EdgeStar CBR901SG

On this list of best beverage refrigerators so far, we have listed medium sized fridges with considerable capacity to store drinks.

If you really find that 120 cans is a little excessive, how about a model with 80-can capacity in the EdgeStar CBR901SG.

  • Capacity – 80 cans or about 40 bottles of wine
  • Dimensions – 32 x 15 x 23.75 inches

Designed as both a stand-alone or a built-in beverage chiller, this model is purposely built with a lesser capacity so that there is more space in between drinks.

This makes a huge positive difference in terms of aesthetics.

While being smaller in size compared to other models we’ve looked at, the reduction in size is insignificant. The lower capacity allows ample space between different stacks so that air flow moves more easily.

So it is not surprising that it has an internal fan for what they call fan-forced ventilation to make the most of air space.

Another reason for it’s lower size to capacity ratio is that it has a front facing vent on the bottom. Making it ideal for built-in installation.

With a temperature range or 38ºF(3°C) to 50ºF(10°C) and auto-defrost function, the door that seals in the coolness also spots a lock like the Danby DBC120BLS.

It also has a black dotted tint glass door with reversible door installation feature.

Another differentiator of EdgeStar CBR901SG is that it has a digital display control panel. Soft touch buttons allow you to program and adjust settings accordingly.

If a built-in beverage refrigerator is what you are looking for, this is the one to get.

6) Kalamera 15” beverage cooler

If you need a built-in model and EdgeStar CBR901SG is simply too small to your liking, then have a look at the Kalamera 15” beverage cooler.

Like the EsgeStar model, this is conceptualized as a built-in model but won’t look out of place as a stand-alone.

With a slightly higher capacity, it’s size is quite comparable too.

  • Capacity – 96 cans or about 48 bottles of wine
  • Dimensions – 22.4 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches

The temperature range is temperature range or 38ºF(3°C) to 50ºF(10°C) similar to EdgeStar, but with a memory temperature function that lets you quickly restore previous settings should you reset it for one reason or another.

On the looks department, it looks very much like Whynter BR-130SB but with the addition of a front facing frill at the bottom for exhaust.

It also has a double-pane glass door with lock installed. And predictably with reversible feature for such a high end model.

A carbon filter is embedded inside so that new air is purified every time the door is opened and shut.

Which one to buy?

In deciding which beverage refrigerator to buy you need to ask yourself 2 simple questions.

  1. How much capacity do I need?
  2. Built-in or stand-alone?

If you insist on a built-in model, which I find very understandable as I was in the same boat as well in the past, go with EdgeStar or Kalamera.

You are never going to look back either way.

If a stand-alone beverage refrigerator is what you need, then your selection choice will either be based on how much weight you place on looks and capacity.

Danby DBC120BLS is the best overall while the hOmeLabs model offers a great amount of value.

Whynter BR-130SB has the most stunning looks and has the storage capacity to match any other models listed here.

Whichever you choose, remember to leave gap for the machine to breath. They give off heat and you don’t want a hot spot taking shape in the house.

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