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5 Best Indoor Home Security Cameras Comparison Review

By on June 9, 2018

There was a time when the costs of indoor home security camera were too expensive for the average household, and the installation works were too tedious to go ahead with.

That was actually not that long ago.

These days retail prices have become more affordable due to innovative design and direct-to-consumer channels. And setup has become a breeze due to advances in wireless and digital technology.

No longer are we forced to install surveillance cameras on the ceilings that can be quite an eyesore. Positioning them on tables, cabinets, and ledges are good enough.

I’d dare say that if given a choice, 9 out of 10 homeowners would probably want to have security cameras at home… with emphasis on the word want instead of need.

This is so that they can keep an eye in important areas when they are not around.

If you are in the market for one or a few, then here are some of the best indoor home security cameras you can easily get online.

Also bear in mind that if you are a landlord installing these in rental property, do disclose it to them or you might face privacy suits.

Best Overall – Netgear Arlo Q

As one of the major players in consumer hardware, homes security systems just seems right up the alley for Netgear.

The Arlo Q looks like one of those AI robots interstellar travalers bring on board the space ship. A sturdy stand, slim neck and huge head with large eye right at the center of the head.

And it don’t disappoint in capabilities.

Streaming in 1080p video, the square head is tilted at a 45 degree angle,making it look more like a diamond head.

Simple yet stylish design with a 130 degree field of view, if you ask me.

But what really makes this home security camera stand out is not it’s aesthetics. It is the level of control you get over the device over it’s mobile app.

You will be able to play with the various options that enable you to customize certain functions like motion detection options, sound detection, scheduling, activity zones, etc.

What’s more. Your video recordings get free cloud storage for the most recent 7 days. That should be sufficient for most homes. If you need more, paid subscription plans start at $9.99.


  • Enhanced night vision
  • High level of control and customization
  • 2 way audio
  • 1080p FHD video quality
  • Works with Alexa and GoogleAssistant
  • Intuitive and user friendly app interface


  • Unable to record continuously
  • 130 degree field of view
  • Single user mobile app
  • No local storage
  • No ethernet

Competitively priced against the competition, Netgear’s Arlo Q sets a standard that is hard to beat in terms of price-to-quality.

If you are someone who can only be satisfied with flagship devices, there is also an upgraded version of the Arlo Q named… Arlo Q Plus.

Best Value – Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon has served it’s customers very well for years.

Not only has it made online shopping such a breeze for consumers, they also continuously release their own brand of household products that provide functionality and affordability.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is another one in their product range that you just cannot ignore.

And in our view, is the best value home security camera you can get.

It has a sharp 1080p HD live view, motion sensors that trigger alert notifications, and comes along with free 24 hours clip storage.

Storage subscriptions, should you need more than the last 24 hour footage, starts at $6.99 a month.

With major household electronics players zooming in on the smart home trend, it’s only natural that Amazon’s Cloud Cam integrates seamlessly with their very own Echo line of devices that come with Alexa.

It also comes with 2-way audio that enables you to have a conversation with someone remotely, and night vision gives you nocturnal eyesight.

To get it working with Amazon Key, you need to purchase the Key Edition of Amazon Key Home Kit.


  • Seamless integration with Alexa and other Amazon smart products
  • Night vision
  • 1080p HD video
  • Free 24 hour clip footage
  • Activity detection alerts


  • 120 degree field of view
  • Only motion-activated events recorded
  • Might not work in a country that Amazon does not operate in

If you are new to these home security systems, and unwilling to go with entry level cameras,, you can hardly go wrong with this product.

It’s Amazon after all.

So you can be assured of strong support, customer service, and software updates.

Best Smart Home Integration – Nest Cam Indoor

Nest has been quietly building it’s base of loyal customers and expanding it’s line of smart home products in recent years.

The Nest Cam Indoor (Dropcam) is a slick-looking inverted raindrop-shaped device that integrates nicely into it’s smart home system..

Like a robotic eyeball overlooking the area, it is easy to set up and pair with Nest Aware.

Together with Netgear’s Arlo Q, these 2 cameras are the most aesthetic in my opinion.

Also with a 1080p HD camera and 130 degree viewing angle, it is capable of taking snapshots and sending alerts to notify you of activities detected.

A downside, if you consider it one, is that to fully used the product to it’s full potential, a subscription to Nest Aware which starts at $5/month is essential. On the bright side, you can get it working with the Nest video doorbell integrated into one system.

Not that it won’t work by itself without Nest Aware, but you get so much more capabilities with it.

For example, when Nest Aware detects smoke, it can trigger recording to record the event.


  • Fully compatible with Nest Aware
  • Works with various other smart home devices from other brands
  • Crisp night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Enhanced digital zoom


  • Needs Nest Aware to realize it’s full potential of advanced features in it’s repertoire
  • No free storage of recordings
  • Pricey cloud storage

Some people might see it’s relation to Nest Aware as a disadvantage. But on the contrary, it could be a huge advantage.

If you have yet to get on the smart home bandwagon, Nest Cam Indoor might just give you an excuse to get started.

Best Budget Security Camera – YI Dome Camera

As a lot of homesowners might just want the basic functions of security cameras at home without the fancy stuff, here’s the pick of the lot of best budget models to consider.

The YI Dome Camera streams in 720p HD has a 112 degree field of view. But with it’s 345 degree horizontal and 115 degree vertical rotation, enables it to monitor a full 360 degree coverage area.

With advanced night vision and the capability of extending 3m of viewing distance in darkness, this is a budget surveillance camera that is no slouch.

It can integrate with YI Home as part of their smart home system via WIFI and there is no need for subscription to cloud storage as it has an SD card slot to save your recorded video clips.

If you need cloud storage, there’s always the option of signing up for YI Cloud.

Some more features worth mentioning include:

  • Intercom mode
  • Real time activity alert
  • Bookmark favorite positions
  • 360 degree auto cruise

To tell you the truth, the more we looked at YI Dome, the more we find that we are getting much more than we paid for.

So while it offers incredible value as does Amazon Cloud Cam, it will definitely take the spot for best budget home security camera.

Best Local Storage – D-Link DCS-2630L

If getting charged subscription fees for cloud storage is just not your preference, I understand as these expenses can really add up.

For many, the lack of local storage alone can be a real dealbreaker.

You could of course go with the entry level YI Dome that has this feature. But if you want something more high-end, the best home security camera with local storage is the D-Link DCS-2630L.

I have quite a few D-Link trusty products at home. And I must say that they have never broken down on me. So the brand has earned a lot of good will with me.

This security camera has a breathtaking 180 degree viewing angle which makes it the widest angle lens on a fixed position camera. This is a true eagle eye.

It records in sharp 1080p Full HD and 2 passive infrared (PIR) sensors allow it to detect sound and motion. It can then send automatic push alerts and start recording.

The microSD card slot supports up to 128Gb. Giving it enough capacity to store about a week’s worth of video clips give or take. If you think that’s too little, consider that the videos are in 1080p FHD.


  • Local microSD card storage!
  • Capable of scheduling and non-stop continuous recording
  • 180 degree viewing angle
  • Up to 8x pinch zoom on mydlink app
  • 2-way audio
  • Up to 16 feet night vision


  • No ethernet connection
  • Not easy to setup
  • Local storage can be a huge disadvantage too

While there is a host of features that D-Link DCS-2630L is capable of, not all of them can be accessed from the app. Many can only be controlled with web access through the browser.

The release of a full-feature app is overdue.


When doing this review, considered some of the key factors and features in home security cameras.

These include:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Cloud and local storage
  • Battery and backup power
  • Sensor capabilities
  • Mobile app
  • Night vision
  • Field of view and rotation ability
  • Resolution
  • Event triggered recording, scheduling, and continuous recording functions
  • Smart home integration
  • 2-way audio
  • Wireless signal range
  • Price range

Some of the top cameras we’ve also looked at but didn’t make the list for one reason or another include Netgear Arlo Pro, Belkin NetCam HD+, and Logitech Circle 2, among others.

If visual monitoring of your home is a current concern of yours, there’s no longer any excuse to leave that thought in the back-burner.

There is a lot of cutting-edge tech that you can get these days at affordable prices.

And a home security camera system can give you the type of peace of mind that can be priceless.

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