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BLACK & DECKER LCC140 40V Max Lithium Ion String Trimmer and Sweeper Combo Kit

By on July 26, 2017


It is one of those household chores that you will either love or hate. Sometimes you just love the look of your garden. But when the thought of maintaining it creeps into your head, it can be such a turn-off.

Although trimming the yard can be a mundane way to waste time, or it can be a sort of therapy to others as well.

Yes, there are people who go for a jog or get to the gym when they are stressed. Some people spend time on gaming consoles or watch kitten videos to relax. And some people do housekeeping to “get away” from it all.

Gardening or simply maintaining the yard is one of those things.

If you find maintaining the yard more of a chore than a useful activity, Black & Decker might just change you mind about how you approach this “extra” job.

Black & Decker is one of the most respectable names in the world of power tools and advanced household equipment that delivers efficient practicality. And they design their products to look cool too.

One of those that is garnering a huge fan base is the LCC140 40V Max Lithium Ion String Trimmer and Sweeper Combo Kit.

Having an electric trimmer alone is only half the job done. If you are trying to be efficient by trimming your yard with a machine, clearing the leftover manually with a broom will defeat the purpose of saving time and effort altogether.

This is why they have packaged an electric sweeper together with the trimmer to complete the puzzle.

The problem these days is that even big brands can make mistakes and produce bad products. So is this trimmer and sweeper combo kit a hit or miss?

Features of Black & Decker LCC140 40V Max Trimmer and Sweeper Combo

  • One 40V Max (36v nominal voltage) Lithium Ion Battery – 2.0 Ahr for extended run time
  • Includes 13″ String Trimmer and Sweeper
  • PowerDrive Transmission delivers more cutting power for faster cutting
  • PowerCommand dial to choose between max power when encountering challenging cuts
  • Automatic Feed Spool ensures continuous work without bumping and halting to adjust the spool
  • Trimmer easily converts to edger to cut along sidewalks and driveways
  • Light and powerful 120 MPH sweeper that easily clears debris from hard surfaces
  • State of charge indicator that allows user to know the battery charge level
  • System works with other 40v Max and 36v lithium tools of B&D
  • Releases zero emissions
  • 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


Drawbacks of this trimmer and sweeper combo kit

The problem with products like these is that you will be expecting them to take knocks when using them.

You move them around, hit things when storing them, and even drop them when you are not careful.

This makes them prone to damage. And you might already know with electronics. Sometimes, even the most benign looking impact can cause a device to go into a coma.

This also means that no matter how gorgeous this set of power tools look, you will inevitably scratch them. It will feel like a pinch in your heart.

And because no two households have the same challenges in their yards, every homeowner will have different expectations on what a product like this is supposed to do.

However, it must be noted that a majority of users have positive things to say about this product as can be seen on Amazon.

Is the Black & Decker LCC140 40V Max Trimmer and Sweeper Combo kit worth buying?

This is really a tough one as I’m not a person who works on the yard.

But I have a great impression of the Black & Decker brand and have used their other products. So I trust it to deliver a great product that works flawlessly.

This is not something I say a lot. Just take a look at the reviews I’ve done.

If you really need a machine to help you with trimming, I trust that this will serve it’s intended purpose very well. But if a product like this is not a necessity for home maintenance, you might want to give this a pass.

Or you can follow my lead and convert yourself into a non-yardster. 😀

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