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Etekcity Voltson WiFi Smart Plug Review

By on September 15, 2018

When I first came across power plugs with a timer installed, I felt that it was an ingenious invention and that inventors should have designed it long ago.

This things came with dial timers that turn off once the desired amount of time expires. Helping a frugal homeowner save on utility bills.

But times have changed these days.

With our demand for smarter devices and are preferably digital, those “old-fashioned” smart plugs had to give way to new and smarter plugs that incorporates the latest in cutting edge technology.

This is where Etekcity stepped in with their Voltson mini outlets.

The Etekcity Voltson WiFi electrical outlet allows you to control the power for your home appliances either from their VeSync app or via Alexa Voice.

It very close to the technologically advanced systems we see the in movies.

While those smart home systems seen in Hollywood movies do exists today, they can cost an arm and a leg to install at home.

This product from Etekcity cost a tiny fraction of that, and allows you to do pretty much the stuff.

What’s more, the app even allows the user to track power usage. Taking understand your home and energy saving to a whole new level.

This means that a “rouge” electrical appliance can be identified quickly, and actions can be taken to remedy it.

Features of Voltson WiFi Smart Plug

  • Compatible with Alexa Voice
  • Schedule customized power on/off timing
  • Cut usage once a specified power quota is reached
  • Manually turn on or off appliances at home wherever you are
  • Track power usage of different home appliances whether they are in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom
  • Discover which appliances uses the most electricity at home
  • Connection via WiFi with no hub required
  • One color – White
  • 30-day money back guarantee, 2 year warranty and lifetime support

Are Etekcity WiFi Smart Plugs worth buying?

While electricity is essential for a modern house, smart appliances or smart plugs belong to the category of wants as opposed to needs.

So whether it is worth your hard earned money really depends on what you think it can do for you.

Does turning on the air-conditioner half an hour before you get home mean a lot to you?

How valuable will it be to have it schedule the coffee machine to boot up 15 minutes before you wake up?

Does turning on the lights at home while you are on vacation to deter burglary sound pragmatic?

Will scheduling the power to the Christmas lighting fixtures outdoors sound good?

There are really hundreds of ways to use these smart plugs that can make life that little better everyday.

They might not be necessary for the essential functions of a home. But they can enhance the living experience at home. This makes a lot of sense especially when we consider that we spend most of our time at home.

There is one disadvantage though.

And that is it does not work with Google Home.

But why do we need that anyway as long as we can control it from anywhere whether it’s at work or at home from the smart phone.

Finally, remember that this is just a basic smart home device.

Don’t expect it make you breakfast or help you fix the leak you found on the roof yesterday.

That is just putting too much burden on it’s shoulders.

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