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eufy Lumi Plug-in Night Light Review

By on September 17, 2018

A high percentage of accidents that happen at home occur at night due to insufficient (if any) lighting.

A bump here and there might be harmless. But more serious injuries can happen when a person’s vision is impaired due to darkness.

An adult would probably be able to walk off most benign injuries, but when there are children at home, every precautionary measure should be taken to ensure their safety.

Be mindful a minor injury to an adult could be a bad one for a kid.

Night lights serve the simple yet important element of lighting at home in the night.

There can be various reasons why anyone would want to walk around house in the middle of the night.

  • To steal a bite of the brownies left in the fridge
  • To have a glass of water
  • To inspect the source of suspicious sounds coming from the kitchen
  • To make an unscheduled visit to the bathroom down stairs
  • etc

As we don’t naturally have night vision like an owl, it only makes sense to install night lights that turn on when we move about the house at night with the main lights switched off.

eufy Lumi Plug-in Night Light is a simple nightlight that is affordable and does the job very well.

It has a warm white hue emitting from downward-facing LED bulbs.

The glare-free lights helps light up hallways and stairs to enable one to see at night without blinding them.

They are energy efficient as they only turn on when the sensor picks up darkness. And it’s even smart enough to grow brighter when it senses that ambient lighting is insufficient for the average person to see clearly.

Conversely, it also automatically dims down when it detects that there is already a strong light source.

Features of eufy Lumi plug-in night lights

  • Comes in a basic pack of 2 or 6 nightlights
  • Can be orientated to have the lights face up or down
  • Automatically turns on when there is insufficient light
  • Automatically gets dimmer when there is sufficient light
  • Compact size
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Warm white LED bulb
  • Built with light diffuser and guiding plate to prevent glare and flickering
  • One color – White
  • 18 month warranty

Is the Lumi night light worth buying?

This is a really affordable set of night lights. So if you need night lights, budget concerns should not be a reason not to choose this.

The problem with night lights is that their sensors tend to deteriorate over time due to planned obsolescence.

This problem exist with almost every device and appliance these days. No longer can we expect these things to work forever like in the past.

The good news is that eufy offers an 18 month warranty on the items.

While already being built with energy saving features in mind, a household can actually take it up a notch by using it with smart plugs that only deliver power to the light on a scheduled timing.

For example, only have it activated between 11pm to 7am.

Otherwise, this is a pretty satisfactory set of night lights to buy. Especially when you just want to get the basics of night time lighting done as soon as possible.

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