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Haier HLP21N Portable Washer Review

By on July 4, 2018

As homes and apartments get smaller especially in city dwellings, there is simply no space for a traditional washing machine that is monstrous in size.

And many of us are stuck with oversize washing machines are are an eyesore to look at.

Yet there is every chance that you are stuck with one that is way past it’s expected lifespan.

For a household that has no more than 3 residents, a portable washing machine is actually a very practical thing to consider having in the house. Even more so when there is limited space.

Portable washing machines take up little space compared to those in conventional sizes. They are easy to transports should you fall out with a landlord and refuse to renew the lease. And with the technology available these days to pack more power in smaller packages, they are by no means compromised versions of washing machines.

Even for bigger residences, they can serve as a backup or a second washing machine in another room like that garage.

What’s even better is that they are designed as lightweight appliances that are portable. Making them ideal to bring along for trips or for a mobile home.

And let’s not ignore the obvious… that is they are perfect as house warming gifts for your friend’s new studio apartment.

With the amount of attention new home owners put on interior design, the practicality of smaller washing machines is no longer enough. Consumers now demand that they are aesthetic as well.

This is where Haier HLP21N portable washer comes in.

Build quality

This is a beautiful portable washing machine unit with a smooth pearl white finish for the washer cabinet. From some angles, and depending on the lighting, it might even look like it’s made of porcelain material!

The top load lid cover is tinted gray and a drainage hose is vertically secured on the side colored in a matching darker gray. A water inlet is situated on top towards the back.

It is a simplistic design that won’t look out of place in the modern home. It won’t negatively affect the visual impact of a room and won’t be distracting your eyes from a focal feature as well.

We did a test by placing it at the corner of the meeting room. And by the end of the meeting, almost all individuals only noticed it when we told them about it.

A couple of guys did notice it but one thought that it was a shredding machine while another thought it was a portable air-conditioner.

The ease of which this home appliance blended into the surrounding really impressed us.

However, we are aware that some homeowners would prefer that it becomes the focus of the laundry room rather than the invisible man in the kitchen.

Behind it, you will find the power cord (120v/60Hz) towards the bottom and the drain hose dangling while being held up by the gooseneck drain hook.

4 leveling legs ensure reduced noise and minimal vibration during operation.

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Control panel

For controls of settings, electronic push button are situated on the “bonnet” of the vehicle, shying away from the manual turning knob controls that most portable washers are equipped with.

The control panel consist of 4 main buttons and 6 sub-buttons:

  • Power On/Off
  • Start/Pause
  • Cycle with sub-buttons for Normal, Heavy, and Quick Wash
  • Water level with sub-buttons for Low, Medium, and High

Indicator light round up the control panel.

We can’t insist that electrical button control panels are the most user-friendly for everyone as there will obviously be people who prefer knob controls.

But out team of reviewers all preferred this setup than knobs.


If you haven’t already realized, Haier HLP21N is a single tub portable washing machine unlike most of it’s competition that comes in twin tubs.

With a tub volume of 1 cubic foot (28 liters), it can handle a washing load of up to 6 pounds in the stainless steel wash basket.

When we observed the sizeable space in the, we felt that it should be spacious and powerful enough to handle a significant load of laundry.

And while 6 pounds is nothing to scoff at, we found that a number of comparable washing machines available in the market is able to handle a bigger laundry load. Some as much as twice the load.

But those with significantly bigger capacities are twin tub washers that result in a bigger machine. Compromising their portability scale.

And also consider that twin tubbers, while bigger in capacity, require the user to transfer laundry from the washer to the spin dryer by hand.

Haier HLP21N on the other hand will automatically wash and spin dry without needing the intervention of the user. This allows you to watch Game of Thrones in peace while the machine is churning away.

To test it’s limits, we fill it to the brim and dumped 6.5 pounds of light laundry in the drum consisting of socks, cotton T-shirts, and polyester shorts into it. We even activated the Pause button twice and it resume with little fuss.

With a Normal wash, it took approximately 40 minutes to complete it’s task from start to finish.

Then for a second test run, we threw in about 5 pounds of jeans and started a Heavy wash cycle. It completed the task without any noticeable negative points of note. There was the noise of vibration, but that’s what you’d expect from a washing machine.

We were looking out for abnormal behavior but didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary.

Overall, it passed with flying colors.

It was expected as I could tell that the pulsator powered by a 700rpm motor really packs a punch.


Weighing in at 43 pounds and measuring 17.7 x 17.3 x 30 inches, it is amazingly compact and takes up very little floor space.

If we compare it with the dimensions of other portable washing machines, this model looks more compact and sturdy due to it housing only one wash tub.

And with the narrower washer cabinet, an adult will be able to easily execute a bear hug on it should it be necessary during transport.

But that manual logistics work might not even be required as it has cabinet handles on either side for a firm grip to lift it.

What we really like regarding the shape of the Haier HLP21N is that it has approximately equal length and width. Giving it a squarish footprint.

This makes it easier to find a spot to set it up at home as a permanent fixture or even when you need to store it. This narrow shape also enables the machine to squeeze through stuff and navigate around the house.

You will have one less headache if your intention is to move it about the house because it comes with optional heavy duty caster wheels which you can affix in place of the leveling legs.

The casters also come with leveling mechanisms.

This pulsator washer is definitely one of the best portable washing machines out there today.

Pros and cons of Haier HLP21N Pulsator

Despite it’s overwhelmingly favorable review so far, Haier HLP21N does have drawbacks.

Here are some of it’s main advantages and disadvantages


  • Small sized that does not take up a lot of space
  • Easily moved about due to caster wheels
  • Square footprint makes it easy to plan layout of room
  • Electronic push-button controls
  • Single tub that functions both as washer and dryer
  • Beautiful modern build quality


  • Not cheap
  • 6 lbs of laundry which might be low depending on your laundry requirements
  • Basic DIY assembly of some parts required

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If we have to rank them, the best advantage of this product is it’s portability. After all, anyone considering this item must have this criteria on top, or near the top of the buying checklist.

With small and manageable dimensions, casters, and handles by the side, it is easily the most portable washing machine we have tested.

The biggest disadvantage is inevitably the price. This livewire cost more than twice of some of it’s competitors. But it has it’s uniqueness to command such prices.

Should you buy this portable washing machine?

If you live in a household with as many as 4 members and does the laundry once a week, this washing machine is not big enough to wash all the laundry at one go.

But this would be a great addition to smaller areas where you might need a washing machine like the garage, garden shack, an extension to the house, etc.

If you have a smaller household and everyone does their own laundry, this will be a dependable machine that will last the distance.

If for one reason or another, you wish to have your own personal washing machine, this will fit the bill nicely.

It doesn’t take up much space, and has the mobility to be pushed around on it’s wheels.

It would be perfect for those who live alone or with a partner as it’s capacity should easily handle clothing of 2 people. Especially if the house or apartment is small and space is a constraint that has to be factored.

If you are a landlord or real estate investor trying to spruce up the house to charge premium rental, this is one of those household appliances that will make tenants feel that have got their money’s worth.

The portability of it also makes it easy to transfer from one rental property to another should a short or long term need arise.

So versatile is this washing machine that it would also be great for multi-family properties with a dedicated laundry room that residents share as common space.

A lot of buyers agree with this

Overall, even though the Haier HLP21N portable washing machine might not be as cheap as regular washing machines, it makes up for that with a strong build quality, efficient laundry cleaning, and a portability that is as portable as it gets.

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