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Ivation Long Range Wireless Thermometer Dual Probe Review

By on May 21, 2018


We love products that solve real world problems that most people feel is not really a problem… until they get into a situation where that product would be greatly desired.

Sometimes the conventional way of doing something or the “how it’s always been done” mentality is so conditioned into our minds that we forget that it there can be a better way.

Look at potty training for cats for example. Pet owners were so used to train their pets the traditional way that the idea of using a training kit to solve all problems wasn’t even explored until a unique cat potty training kit came onto the market.

Many such innovative products enter the market constantly. Some are not innovative in terms of technology. But innovative on ideas and application.

The Ivation Long Range Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer is one such product.

Yet it does not only make your life easier. It also helps to prevent hazardous situations that might compromise your family’s and your safety.

Imagine setting up your BBQ pit and leaving the charcoal to burn while you attend to something else. You then start pacing up and down all over the place to check and double-check the heat so as to determine whether you can start grilling.

This wireless thermometer will solve all you troubles. And it’s use is not limited to BBQs.

This device is meant to help you monitor the temperature of your BBQ pit for example, while you can move about as long as you are within 300 feet of the pit.

You can then be notified when it hits the temperature you want.

No more headaches!

Features of Ivation Long Range Wireless Thermometer – Dual Probe


  • Long rage wireless receiver up to 300 feet
  • LCD beeps and flashes when temperature meets your programmed target temperature
  • LCD beeps and flashes when temperature falls below your programmed target temperature
  • LCD backlight for easy read at night
  • Temperature measurable up to 572 degree farenheit
  • Probe wires are heat resistant to 716 degree farenheit
  • Count up and Count down timer
  • Belt clip and built in stand for receiver
  • Removable wire stand on transmitter that can be used as a hanger
  • Can be used for remote BBQ, smoker, oven, grill, and even meat
  • Alert when you wander out of range
  • Memory to store your setting for future use

Drawbacks of the Ivation Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer

For a product that solves a specific problem, this gadget fully delivers it’s functional use.

If you really want to find faults in this awesome product, you might complain about the wires of the probe not being long enough.

And also as cooking can often be a messy affair, you might get the device wet at times. As as anyone knows, getting an electronic device wet can cause it to go haywire… especially LCD screens.

Even if this is not a problem with this product, the though would linger in your head battling with your peace of mind.

So do be careful with handling it when preparing food or when your hands are wet.

And because the thermometer in the device is pretty sensitive so as to provide accurate reading, sometimes the environment might cause it to provide less than accurate temperature readings.

But do note that these concerns will apply to all wireless thermometers.

Is it worth your money to buy the Ivation long range wireless thermometer?

This really depends on your needs and your lifestyle. This is the type of product that is specially made to cater to specific needs of a consumer.

It would be more than handy if you are the outgoing type of person who likes to cook outdoors.

And if you like to have less stress by freeing up that “little” thought of the temperature at the smoker, this device is exactly what you need.

For the extra control you get over your cooking, this product offers great value at a fair price.

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