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Best Ladder Stabilizer Kits To Prevent Accidents

By on September 18, 2018

Each year, thousands of injuries are suffered by residents and workers from ladder related accidents.

The most common and potentially most dangerous ones are suffered for falling off ladders.

Sometimes a simple error of judgment in balance and stability is enough to cause a fall. And anyone who suffered injuries minor enough for them to walk off should consider themselves lucky.

This is why any homeowner with a step ladder at home, in the garage or in the back yard, or any project manager of construction works should ensure that safety precautions are taken to take care of their loved ones and colleagues.

Because everyone who needs a ladder probably already has one purchased long ago, it can seem exaggerated to buy a new one to replace it when the current one is still working very well.

But to enhance the safety of the current ladder, there are ladder accessories available in the market that help to stabilize and secure ladders very effectively. Reducing the possibility of accidents and keeping safety hazards at bay.

These stabilizing accessories comes in 3 basic types:

  1. Extensions
  2. Stand-offs
  3. Others

Extensions connect securely to the base of the ladder where the footing makes contact with the ground. It basically provides the required extension so that the legs are leveled on uneven ground. This helps the user use the ladder at an even balance.

While extensions and levelers are used on the bottom of the ladder, stand-offs are used closer to the top. They basically assist in stabilizing the ladder by providing a firm grip to the structure the user is climbing.

There are other miscellaneous products available that are unique. Some levelers look like door stoppers. They work well on sloping ground. Enabling a ladder to level quickly and easily.

Here are the best ladder stabilizers in the 3 categories.


When I first learned about the use of extensions for added safety, I felt that it was an ingenious innovation.

The following products should show you why.

LeveLok Permanent Mount Leveler (LL-STB-1AL)

This LeveLok ladder permanent mount style leveler is firmly and tightly secured to the ladder rails at the foot of the ladder with 3 heavy duty studs and locknuts on each side.


  • Quickly secured to decking by inserting nails through the extension shoes’ mounting holes
  • Shoes with a base designed with non-skid thread and rubber
  • Claw on shoes for better grip on loose terrain
  • Foot pedal for hands-free extension
  • Release lever to slide extension back into place
  • Backup safety lock that prevents unintentional release
  • Compatible with almost all types of ladders

See more features here

The main disadvantage of this set of stabilisers is that they are meant to be permanent fixtures to the ladder.

But why would you need to remove them when they are fully retractable?

You could of course disassemble them. But that could be a tedious process to go through every time you need to use the telescopic extension ladder.

Xtenda-Leg 600C Ladder Leveler Pair

When you take a look at any demonstrations of this product, you will be amazed at how these slim looking leg extensions can hold so much weight above it and keep it’s footing so well at the same time.

This is why it’s totally understandable if you have reservations about buying it the first time you see it.

But once you see the avalanche of good reviews on it by so many happy customers, surely it deserves a second look?

This is installed at the ladder rail held together with 4 powerful industrial screws on each side.

The lock plate mechanism allows a user to easily lock and release the extension as and when required.

  • Special formula kraton rubber feet for dependable grip
  • Option of cleated feet for ladder feet to dig into the ground to get a more secure position
  • Leveler legs adjustable for different terrains
  • Feet capable of 360° rotation
  • Come with a lot of hardware like washers and bolts for various types of configuration needs
  • Easily level a ladder on steps and stairs even when it’s perpendicular to it

Read what users have to say about this product

For such an affordable price, this can make life so much easier for contractors who use ladders often and homeowners who wants more flexibility and safety with their ladders.

If you don’t like the idea of making these extensions a permanent fixture of your ladders, then have a look at…

Ladder Lockdown

This ladder stabilizer kit is a simple yet effective solution to unleveled ladders.

It don’t require any mounting with screws, rivets or bolts.

The main component of Ladder Lockdown is the saddle. It holds the feet of the ladder in place with a firm grip. A strap is then attached to the saddle and also latches onto the rung of the ladder for additional stability.

On soft surfaces, users can use the staples provided to dig into the ground to get a deeper hold onto the earth that prevents the base from sliding about.

This prevents kickouts and reduces lateral movement.

It’s also safe to use it inside the home on flooring like hardwood and tile. Just remove the staples and the saddle will not damage the flooring at all.

All it offers will be a firm grip to the ground.

While this is an innovative product that serves a very practical need, the drawback of it is that it won’t work on slopes and uneven ground.

In other words, it not a leveler. It’s a stabilizer.

See what user have to say about this item

Werner PK80-2 Level-Master Automatic Ladder Leveler

If you have a Werner ladder, the good people at the company have levelers specifically designed just for their own brand of ladders.

This is as close to a smart leveler as you can find.

Once secured to the side rails with the locking nuts and bolts provided in the package and activated, the leveler legs on the side of the ladder that is on lower ground automatically slides down to the ground, then automatically locks itself into position.

This is as easy an operation as you can find.

While there’s no guarantee that this ladder accessory will fit onto aluminum ladders from other brands, I can’t see why not.

The ladder series that Werner expressly state would match up nicely with this product are:

  • D5900
  • D6000
  • D6200
  • 7100
  • D7100
  • D1100
  • D1200
  • D1300
  • D1500
  • D500

More features listed here

So do a check before buying these. And if there is any doubt, call their hotline and the customer support representative should be more than willing to answer your queries.

Stand offs

Stand offs are basically used on ladders to provide a more stable footing towards the top of the ladder

This together with a firm footing below provides a user maximum stability when working many feet in the air.

A setup like this also protect the roof gutters from being damaged.

Ladder-Max Stand-off Stabilizer

There are many variations of ladder stand-offs available in the market today.

The main reason why consumers buy this rather than others is that this item provides the most space allowance of 19 inches between the ladder and the roof.

There are many reasons why a homeowner might prefer such a configuration.

If 19 inches is not necessary and you can easily work with less than that, then consider…

Read reviews of this product

Little Giant 10111 Wall Standoff

This is a crowd favorite as can be attested by the numerous positive reviews from real buyers.

The standoff is 12 inches compared to 19 inches of the Ladder-Max.

But what it loses out in standoff, it makes up with a mega wide wingspan of 50 inches. Sort of like ladder outriggers.

A wider wingspan provides a better over balance and stability.

The disadvantage of this product is that it’s custom made to fit Little Giant ladders.

If you have one of them, this standoff is definitely an add-on that will improve the safety aspect of the ladder.

If you don’t have a Little Giant ladder and like this standoff design, then there is…

See more features

Louisville Ladder Stabilizer LP-2200-00

The design of this standoff is focused on fitting as many types of ladders as possible. Especially extension and step ladders.

However, knowing that there are so many types in the market, I cannot see it fit to 100% of ladders.

So do read up the technical specifications to enure that it will fit nicely onto yours.

It has a 12 inches standoff and wingspan of 48 inches.

The smooth surface finish adds a little elegance to it while u-bolts secure it to the ladder. Good aesthetic companion to fiberglass ladders.

If you need more standoff space, there is a variant LP-2210-00 that allows the user to extend standoff via wingnuts in the stabilizer kit.


Ladderlock is not really a standoff. But it provides stability to a ladder by with contact points from the top. Sort of like a typical standoff.

It is installed higher up the ladder instead of the bottom, then with a heavy duty clip like arm, latches onto the roof or other structure that the user is trying to climb.

It ably serves the basic function of providing stability. But with no standoff space.

See how users have reviewed this item


We use all sorts of things to level furniture like the dining table, work desk, sofa sets, refrigerators, etc.

Sometimes a simple piece of cardboard is enough to stop a furniture or home appliance from shaking about.

Ladder levelers are meant to do that same thing for ladders. But they need to have safer features as safety is on the line.

Here are some of the best ladder levelers.


From it’s appearance, the levelizer resembles a glorified door stopper or wheel stopper.

This is a simple yet effective concept solution for sloping ground.

The levelizers allows a ladder to be properly set upright so that the user will be able to climb more safely.

It features:

  • Stabilizing spikes that can be used for grip on soft ground
  • Slip-resistant surface for ladder to stand on
  • Friction pads at the bottom to hold it’s ground on any surface
  • Hanger feature to hang it onto a ladder securely when not in use

More features found here

This is the simplest device tool one can use to level ladders.

It is foolproof as you don’t really need any installation to use it.

In fact, one look at it and a user should be able to instinctively realize how to apply it on a ladder.

Qualcraft 2475 Basemate Easy Connect Professional Ladder Stabilizer

This is one alien looking piece of equipment that one would be unable to guess what it does with one look.

No surprise that it’s a patented design.

If anything, it looks like the face of an unhappy crab. Maybe because it just realized that it is the main course.

Jokes aside, this is really one set of multi-purpose ladder stabiliser legs trusted by professionals.

See what users are saying about this item

It effortlessly attaches itself to the bottom of extension ladders, and with it’s awkward looking arch feet enables people to remain stable on the ladder even on the most uneven ground.

Amazingly lightweight and compact, it can support as much as 1,200 pounds of weight capacity.

A triple-locking system holds the stabilizing arch in place to secure the preferred position, and easily unlocks with the user tapping on the release lever. While sliding the arch lets a user find a desired standing foot position.

Seeing it in action is really a sight to behold. I won’t be surprised if people even use it on a step stool just to make it look cool.

You might not be able to wrap your head around how it is able to do what it does.

But the crucial point is that… it just works.

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