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LITOM Classic Outdoor Solar Lights Review

By on September 19, 2018

If you haven’t realized, there is a real movement going on with energy efficient homes.

With more advanced technology produces at less costs, devices that enable the efficient use of energy is no longer reserved to government agencies and multinational corporations.

Now even the average homeowner can easily tap on energy brought to Earth from sunrays and use that to power a host of household appliances and systems.

Letting solar energy to power electrical items that are used outdoors make the most sense as they are already outdoors. Running electric cables to them can be a hassle and an eyesore. And since they are already outdoors under the constant blast from the sun, harnessing solar energy to power itself really seems like the most ideal way to set them up.

This is why solar powered outdoor lighting just makes so much sense to any homeowner… unless we are talking about a homeowner who refuses to light up the yard at night for whatever reasons.

LITOM solar powered outdoor lighting fixtures are some of the best selling in the world.

But is the popularity justified?

Features of LITOM Classic Outdoor Solar Lights

  • IP65 waterproof
  • 20 pieces of high power LED beads come with each light fixture
  • 270° wide angle design that enables wider coverage
  • Improves light utilization by 25% and lighting angle 50%
  • Illumination range of a single solar light can reach up to 200 square feet outdoor
  • Photoelectric conversion rate is 20% higher than other solar panels
  • Absorbs sunlight and stores as energy for use at night
  • Wireless motion sensor
  • Lights up when motion is detected at night and switches off automatically when there is no motion for 30 seconds
  • 3 variant models differentiated by number of LED beads
  • Easy installation in minutes
  • 3 year warranty

This range of classic solar lighting from LITOM come in 3 sizes. The bigger the size, the more LED bulbs there will be on the device.

The sizes are 10, 20, and enhanced 24 respectively.

Additional features unique to the enhanced 24 LED variant include 3 optional modes of operation.

It goes without saying that the more bulbs mean the wider and more powerful the light.

Are the LITOM Outdoor LED solar powered lights worth buying?

When purchasing fixtures of this sort, the concerns always surround 4 areas.

  1. How bright the light is
  2. Is it waterproof
  3. How difficult is it to install
  4. Hong long is it’s lifespan


The smallest light with 10 LED bulbs can shine light on an area of up to 180 square feet, while the 20 and 24 can cover up to 200 square.feet.

Do note that there is not a significant difference in coverage area because the orientation of the bulbs are the same. The more bulbs are meant to shine a brighter light instead of a wider coverage area.

If wide coverage is required for maybe a long landscape pathway light, then use more of them.

Also note that the height in which you install the lighting will affect the coverage area.

Water resistant

Waterproofing of the lighting is a real legitimate concern of a homeowner as these fixtures will be installed outdoors, exposed to the constant beating from the weather.

It shouldn’t only be waterproof, but also hold it’s own against heat and frost.

It’s certified IP65, and made of premium ABS material. So durability shouldn’t be an issue.

Saying that, please don’t expect it to last for 25 years!


Unlike wired lighting where meticulous planning and routing of electric cables and power outlets are required, these solar LED lights don’t need any external wiring limitations to consider.

So installation is as simple as picking a spot and setting it up.

Drill a hole with a drill bit, insert the wall plug, then insert the screw through the hanging hole on the solar light and into the wall plug.

This cannot be any easier.


These days it’s really unpredictable how long electronics can last.

I’ve experienced buying premium products that broke down within a day of unboxing.

And it wasn’t a good feeling. I felt that I had been taken for a ride by the manufacturer even though deep down inside I know that it’s not totally their fault. There will always be defective units in every product. Even the iPhone. The important part is that the seller acknowledges that and makes it up to the buyer with replacements and good customer service.

I can’t say whether these LITOM outdoor solar powered LED lights will last forever.

But the fact is that they are so confident with their product that they are providing a 3 year warranty for them.


As we can see, the LITOM outdoor solar powered LED lights meet the above essential criteria.

But even though this is a very capable set of outdoor lighting fixtures, no product is perfect.

The main disadvantage is it has no connection to WiFi that enables household members to control via a mobile app.

This function might be useful if a homeowner suspects something is in the garden outside the house even though motion sensors from the light fixture is unable to detect any movement. Being able to manually turn on the lights at the front door with an app can provide greater peace of mind with security.

While this is not a dealbreaker, a lot of modern home electronic products these days can be integrated and controlled with smart home systems like Alexa and Nest.

It’s definitely a neat feature that would be great to have.

Other than that, this is a really practical automatic solar powered outdoor lighting that anyone who needs something like this should buy.

It’s suitable for use to light up the garage, driveway, porch, patio, deck, fence, etc. It’s pretty affordable too.

Other variants

There are also many other variants of the LITOM solar lights that cater to different needs.

For example, there are models with IP67 rating ensuring even more protection against the weather. There are models with more than one operating modes. There’s even one with a whopping 102 LED beads to create daytime level of brightness at 1500 lumens.

So there will surely be one that meet your needs.

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