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Luma Comfort EC110S Evaporative Air Cooler Review

By on May 14, 2018

The weather is something that can really cause mood swings and put a damper to our days.

Specifically hot weather.

When it’s cold, at least it gives us a good excuse to put on our stylish winter wear and strut our stuff at home and outside.

But when the heat is on… don’t you just want to lock yourself into an air-conditioned room and call on the lethargic side of you?

While the air-conditioner is the first thing people think about when the temperature gets warm, some places including homes and offices don’t have air-conditioning for one reason or another.

It could be due to construction limitations, budget constraints, too inconvenient to install one now, the place already has an air-ventilation system installed but the cooling function is no longer working, etc.

No matter what the reason, if you don’t have a working air-conditioner unit in your living or working space, it can really feel like a furnace on a hot day.

This can be a disturbingly common occurrence in the south western states. And in countries near the equator experiencing tropical weather.

It’s a blessing how technology has made our lives better in this modern day and age.

Enter the home appliance that is evaporative air cooler.

The Luma Comfort EC110S evaporative air cooler is an item that checks so many boxes that you must absolutely put it on your shortlist if you are choosing an air cooler to buy.

It is one of the best portable evaporative coolers available for small residential living spaces.

But more about this air cooler later. It is important to see why these appliances are taking the world by storm.

At the very core of why air coolers are such an attractive proposition for homeowners these days are 3 BIG reasons.

1) Wallet friendly

It’s not that they are cheap items you can buy at the checkout counter at Walmart. It’s just that when you compare the prices of these things with air-conditioners, you would be stumped to find that they can cost more than 10 times LESS.

2) No installation work required

Installing an typical aircon unit can mean tearing down walls, cutting up windows, running ducts and pipes all over the house.

This can be an intensive job that will not just cause grave inconvenience, but a lot of money too.

And then there is the clean up job at hand after installation. While you might worry about the installation works causing defects on other household fixtures.

With an air cooler, it pretty much a standalone appliance that just requires a power outlet for electricity.

3) Portability

This is one of the biggest factors that can make air coolers a preferred choice to air-conditioners to some people.

The portability and mobility of air coolers mean that a unit can be moved to another room or any living area easily Even outdoors.

There’s no one stopping you from bring it to a picnic at the park or camping trip out in the woods too. As long as you have a power source, the machine can get up and running in no time.

Luma Comfort EC110S Evaporative Air Cooler

This air cooler stands at a height of 34.5 inches, with a length of 12.8 inches and breath or 11.2 inches.

It can cool up to a 250 square feet area. Yet do be mindful that your mileage may vary as this does not take into account the height of your ceiling.

A taller ceiling would result in a higher cubic feet. This can throw the 250sqft cover area into disarray.

Weighing just 16.2 pounds, this cooler can be easily transferred from one room to another. And if carrying it around sounds like a challenge too huge to take up, don’t worry. Because it comes with roller wheels that enables you to push it leisurely into your room of choice.

As if blowing cool air is not enough, this model is actually a 3-in-1 with 3 key functions.

  1. Air cooler
  2. Humidifier
  3. Tower fan

As air coolers work best in hot and dry climate, it makes perfect sense that a humidifying function is added to the mix.

And taking into account how tall and aesthetic it looks, it’s no surprise that it serves as a tower fan too.

However, I noticed that it does not come with an ionizer which is a feature that comes with a lot of circulation fans and air coolers these days. And also not serving as an air purifier too. Maybe leaving them out is critical to keep the price low.

I also noticed that there is a variant of this being NewAir EC111W. I’m not quite sure if this is a different product.

Either it has marginally different specifications or it has a rebranding history between Luma and NewAir.

Anyway, an important point not to ignore is how air coolers are environmentally-friendly alternatives to air-conditioners. They use much less electricity and don’t harm the ozone layer.

And if you must know… yes it comes with remote control!

If you are new to evaporative air coolers and have no idea how to select a suitable one, Luma’s Comfort EC110S is a safe bet that will unlikely cause you to suffer from buyer’s remorse.

It’s inexpensive. And serves it’s primary functions very well.

Finally, don’t confuse yourself by thinking air coolers are portable air-conditioners. You will be left very disappointed if you do.

They are very different products that do different thinks. While their primary purposes are to cool, both bring different functions to the table.

So don’t expect an air cooler to perform like an air-conditioner.

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