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Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand Review

By on May 14, 2017

Some people like to furnish their outdoor space at the deck or patio with outdoor furniture. Others just leave the space empty for the more expansive look.

Then there are the homeowners who like to give that outdoor space a little ruggedness while keeping the overall ambience classy and modern…

… and they end up buying something like the all-inspiring Vivere Double Hammock.

Few items arouse the feeling of the great outdoors like a hammock does. There is just something about sitting and lying comfortably on a fabric suspended above the ground that arouses the tranquility of nature.

Yet this product we are referring to does not do just that. It’s appealing visual hits right at the sweet spot between wilderness and minimalist modern home design.

Add quality fabric and clever structure design to the equation, and you are left with a winning product that ticks all the boxes for the meticulous homeowner.

The Vivere double hammock with space-saving steel stand comes in a variety of color combinations. Not least, the best selling 100% cotton “Tropical with Charcoal Frame”.

I can imagine a lazy afternoon napping in this man-made cocoon would be just lovely.

Features of Vivere Double Hammock

  • 11 different designs to choose from
  • Hammock bed measures 63 x 94 inches
  • 9-Foot stand made of heavy duty steel that assembles in minutes
  • Space-saving steel stand with accompanying carrying case
  • Total length of 130 inches (able to accommodate 2 adults)
  • Able to take on a weight of 450 pounds (impressive capacity)
  • 12-month warranty on all workmanship and materials
  • No harming of trees 😀

Drawbacks of the Vivere double hammock with space-saving steel stand

Are you really going to make me find something imperfect about this awesome product to talk about?


Even though the color combinations available are mostly creative and funky, I can see some consumers who have a phobia with colorful furniture dread the lack of solid color fabric.

Yet Vivere has sought to address the varying taste of different individuals by giving each color combination design a personality. This led them to name each design with trendy names like:

  • Carousel Confetti (Sunbrella)
  • Ciao (polyester)
  • Denim (cotton)
  • Desert Moon (cotton)
  • Limelight (Sunbrella)
  • Rio Night (cotton)
  • Salsa (cotton)
  • Techno (polyester)
  • Tropical (cotton)
  • Sand (Sunbrella) *
  • Oasis (cotton) *

*Note that Sand and Oasis comes with Oil Rubbed Bronze Frame instead of the Charcoal Frame.

Some of them are in bright colors while others are in more neutral earth colors. You should be able to find a design that suits you… unless you are insistent on solid colors.

Hey, in the modern consumer market these days, you can’t please everyone.

And also…

Even though it comes with clear instruction booklets for assembly without necessary tools, some people are going to get frustrated when setting it up the first time. That’s just how it is with products are require a little DIY.

Is this hammock worth buying?

If you are the type of consumer who wouldn’t mind spending a few extra dollars for quality, this product fits the bill perfectly.

Sure there are cheaper alternatives available in the market. But do they make you feel good about money well spent?

This is the type of furniture that makes visitors go “Wow” while they quietly pretend like they didn’t notice it at all.

And if you don’t want it to be a permanent fixture on your backyard or beside your swimming pool, it can be easily dissembled and packed to a compact size for easy storage.

But why keep it away from sight when it such a pleasure to look at?

This Vivere double hammock with space-saving steel stand does it’s job very well in terms of functionality, practicality, and eye-candy.

But the people behind this great product has made it possible for consumers to take it further by getting complimentary accessories to make increase the scope of what it does.

Some popular add-ons include a Stand Wheel Kit which adds mobility to the hammock, Hook Set with Fasteners that makes it possible to fix the product to the wall, and and Tree Straps to fix onto trees.

Overall, this is a peach of a product. And you will surely find that it offers way more value than it’s price if you are looking to buy a hammock.

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