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WE Furniture 58″ Wood TV Stand Storage Console Review

By on September 17, 2018

Unless you have a TV supporting bracket mounted to the feature wall, you need a TV console for the television set to sit on with it’s traditional stand.

But as homes are getting smaller, especially with more and more people preferring to live in apartments, space is at a premium.

This is why it makes sense to buy TV consoles that don’t just look good and blend into the overall interior design of the living room, but also have storage capacity to locate magazines, routers, and DVD players, etc.

The WE Furniture 58″ wood TV stand storage console is available in 7 color options with beautiful grain surface design.

It comes with 2 front-facing storage compartments with 2 adjustable shelving inserts to make up a total of 4 compartments.

These segmented compartments allows ample adjustable space to put media players, home theater system main consoles, AV receivers, and even for an external front facing speaker for surround sound setups.

With meticulously planned placement of cable management holes, it enables any wires to easily navigate out of the console.

4 legs elevate the sturdy piece of furniture about 3 inches to for housekeeping purposes.

Features of WE Furniture TV stand

  • 16 x 58 x 24 inches
  • 70 pounds
  • 7 colors
  • Option of TV stand with mount
  • Option of cut-corners for perfect diagonal placement in the corner of rooms
  • Able to accommodate flat TV screens of up to 60 inches
  • Capable of supporting up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Made with contemporary wood material
  • High-grade mdf and durable laminate
  • Step by step assembly manual

Should you buy this TV console from Walker Edison?

This WE Furniture wooden console is amazingly simple yet sharp in elegant design elements.

While the laminate has grain and grove design, the darker models look solid and should be able to easily blend in with modern and minimalist design themes.

The delicate balance between practicality, style, and price means that it offers very good value.

The espresso and charcoal color options are really expensive-looking. Making the affordable price even more worthwhile.

Additionally, the corner-cut out model makes it ideal for homeowners who wish to place the stand at the corner of rooms.

However, I can predict that some buyers will find it too squarely shaped to be stylish.

Well… it’s a TV console…

One disadvantage it has is that there are no doors to the shelving. Making it open for dust to collect and settle.

So I would suggest that the best way to use these shelving space is to use containers or storage bins for your stuff, and putting the containers in that space.

Leaving items that don’t do well with dust here is not recommended.

Overall, the wide selection of design options should be enough to meet the design needs for any homeowner.

If you are already having a headache choosing which TV console to buy, if this item is within your budget, it is a product that you wouldn’t look back with buyers remorse.

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