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1) Only quality fresh articles will be published. Articles deemed to be blatant advertising will be discarded.

2) Content that are deemed to hold unfair baseless criticism will go into the trash.

3) No politically charged content allowed. Parliament is the place to discuss politics.

4) Provide links to your company or professional profiles to authenticate you expertise. If you are not a property professional and would like to just get your views across, at least leave your name to credit the article to. If you don’t leave your name, we will publish your contributions without credit.

5) Include your email address so that we can reach you if needed.

6) Needless to say, your articles have to be associated with the property environment. Professionals in property sales, investing, banking, brokering, legal work, etc, are most welcome.

7) We reserve the right to publish and/or discard your articles.

8) By submitting your articles, you grant us the copyrights to it. It becomes the property of Propertylogy. All content original to Propertylogy, and published on the Propertylogy website or elsewhere, is copyright to Propertylogy.

9) We assume permission to publish for any written material that you submit.

10) We like articles that are easy to read, thoughtful, informative that matches Propertylogy content, and our visitors interests, offering clear benefits, ideas and positive alternatives.

11) We will edit where necessary for length or clarity without altering content. Although we are grateful to have volunteer editors, we also have our limits! Please edit and proof-read before submitting your article.

12) We do not accept articles with 3rd party sponsored links whose sole purpose is to promote the companies paying for the links. We also do not insert 3rd party sponsored links in our original Propertylogy content.

13) 800 – 1200 words is good. But we’d rather you went a bit over than compromise your content.

14) If you are submitting a journal/diary type of article, we will be more relaxed in approving it for publication. A journal-type entry can be seen here.

15) We prefer that your articles are only published on this site. But if you choose to syndicate your articles on other sites after submitting it to us, please only do so 7 days after publication on this site. Syndicated articles must include a link back to the original article here on the website since Propertylogy owns the content.

Each article is manually reviewed before it is published. It may be slightly edited for formatting reasons and internal linking to relevant topics.

Don’t feel intimidated by these guidelines. As long as you are a genuine contributor and have no intention to spam, you will meet these guidelines and have nothing to worry about. We are human and are able to judge what is and what is not.

You can add a link to your company website or professional profile at the end of the article. Links to questionable content will not be published. And if you have submitted great articles consistently, you will be invited to be one of our resident columnist! Start by contacting us via the form below.

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