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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Property Agency To Join

By on June 5, 2014

Even though being a property agent is very much an individualistic career, the agency you join can play a big part in your success as well. I’m sure that you might think that success will follow you wherever you go and it is the good fortune of an agency to have landed you. Even then, you still have to choose which company to grace with your presence.

Many agents these days feel that their agency is just an office that provides them a place to conduct their activities. And they will have no problems “jumping ship” to a competitor. But that is not always the best move to make. You can never predict how well you can blend into new company culture and practices. Academics are not studying organisational theory for decades for no apparent reason. These issues are real and you might only believe them when you run into them yourself. Here are some factors to think about when evaluating an agency to join.

Corporate culture

One of the quotes that have been ringing in my head for years was one by Anthony Robbins where he mentioned that people become what the people around them expect them to be. So if your mentors and colleagues around you are dozing off haft the time and does not motivate you to strive in anyway, you are going to end up in the dumps. It can be hard to turn down nightly drinking sessions just to be part of the group.

There is a reason why employees play stupid games in the office or have team building outings. The reason is to remove personality barriers and build some sort of bonding within the group. This is so that they will look out for one another and push each other to achieve success. You certainly want to be involved in such groups. Even if you are a real estate superstar in the making, an environment like this can only speed up your development.

Go take a look at their offices during interviews and have a feel of the place. An eerie atmosphere will be obvious within 5 minutes. Look out for notice board announcements  and white board markings. These are indications of what and how much is going on in the place.

Company reputation

It used to be that jobseekers will look for employers who have a good reputation. But these days, it is more like seeking an employer that does not have a bad one. Good reputable companies might or might not open doors for you. But bad ones will surely close them shut on you. Even the most attractive celebrities can have a tough time rectifying the tarnished reputation of a company.


Inevitably, you will have been recruited by a manager running his own team. And this is the guy who will be taking you under his wing. You manager is one of the biggest factors to go toward your success. So it is as much as you choosing him as to him choosing you. You will preferably want someone who is experienced and able to communicate effectively with you. A track record of success will help. Including a record of many successful agents who were groomed by him.

What you must be aware of are managers or trainers who have never served time on the ground. It can sometimes be difficult to take them seriously as they have never experienced anything at the front line. All their “expertise” come from theory and a honours degree. I would choose a track record of success over academic qualifications any day.

Starters’ rewards

Some agencies throw their recruits into the deep end and let them survive by themselves. These things do work to a certain extent. Some agencies provide leads for starters for a certain period so that they can generate an income and learn the ropes at the same time.

Customers and prospects don’t just come in from the advertisements you place for yourself in the papers. Inquiries come direct to agency offices everyday.  Associates can either choose to take up these customers themselves or pass them along to newbies like you. At the same time, be mindful that you can only expect such help for a short period of time. You will be expected to do your own running as soon you you embed yourself nicely into the system of work.


You can surely expect basic training on the skills and knowledge required of a real estate agent. The problem with many agencies is that that is all they provide. Learning is a lifelong undertaking. So ongoing training is essential for you to develop your career and as a person. It says a lot about a company’s goals when there is little effort made to improve their workforce on a continuous basis.

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