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Replace These Salesy Words With Subtle Language For Better Response

By on March 25, 2019

The sames words can have interpreted differently by different individuals.

The reason this so can depend on a number of factors totally out of your control.

  • upbringing
  • culture
  • core values
  • personality
  • type of education
  • literacy
  • etc

Language is a key factor that affects how well a customer responds to your selling, whether it’s in a property listing or sales advertisement.

It’s not a surprise that copywriting is a well-respected profession among business people who know what they are doing. Thus, you often find that business owners often don’t bat an eyelid if they have to spend thousands of dollars just to secure the services a proven copywriter to write a sales letter.

And replacing aggressive looking words with more subtle sales language is one of the most valuable skills of a professional copywriter. They can flip the state of mind of a reader into a more receptive attitude.

You can easily apply this into your sales pitches. This practice alone can potentially increase your individual sales exponentially.

Here are some of the most common salesy words you can replace immediately with.


The word buy bring about all the wrong feelings. It’s a word used to describe emotional buying and also… buyer’s remorse… They can literally see themselves feeling regret after they BUY from you.

So avoid it at all costs.

Replace with:

  • acquire
  • get
  • bring it home
  • own
  • download
  • proceed (my favorite)
  • go ahead


I wouldn’t be surprise if even you feel a defense trigger inside you when you hear “sell”.

It raises a feeling in prospects that someone is trying to get them to open their wallets for something they don’t really need. And people usually walkaway from salespeople when they are just not in the mood to buy anything.

Replace with:

  • transaction
  • offer
  • propose
  • recommend
  • advise
  • suggest (my favorite)


This word is often used when going for the close. And whenever someone hears this word, the thought of a lifetime commitment comes into mind. That can seriously freak people out.

Replace with:

  • authorize
  • support
  • endorse (my favorite)
  • approve
  • consent


Blame it on Hollywood. Because whenever a prospect realizes that he has to sign a contract, all types of red alerts might pop up in his head.

The banks probably has something to do with this fear as they always require customers to sign pages after pages of contracts before approving and disbursing a credit facility.

Replace with:

  • agreement
  • proposal (my favorite)
  • documentation
  • paperwork
  • deal


People are generally so used to seeing prices in shopping malls and online marketplaces. And they usually have to think hard before making a decision to buy a product or service that is not in a comfortable range within their budgets.

So this word has to be replaced to alleviate this feeling altogether.

Replace with:

  • investment (my favorite)
  • value
  • outlay
  • rate


Many people can have negative feelings when the word “cheap” is being used. However, if you are in an informal setting, it might be fine. Otherwise, do avoid putting this label on the heads of your prospects.

Replace with:

  • better value
  • more economical
  • standard version
  • entry plan
  • starter


You might think that you are a cowboy by calling out the sales objections raised by prospects. What what might have escaped you comprehension is that calling out objections as “objections” is effectively framing the customers’ opinions as rude and knowledgeable.

That’s a pretty demeaning way to conduct your sales activities.

Replace with:

  • issue
  • concern (my favorite)
  • challenge
  • opinion


Imagine being questioned by a salesman “I want to ask you about your budget”. Does that sound like a dictator to you?

I can’t put my finger on it. But “asking” someone for an answer just sounds odd… like demanding for it. You can avoid it as there are a number of alternatives you can use.

Replace with:

  • learn more
  • share with me
  • provide information

There are circumstances when using salesy words can be effective. You can use them when talking about bad experiences, problems, and of course, your competitors.

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