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2 Basic Factors To Nail Down For Narrowing Your Property Search

By on August 4, 2014

The quickest way to narrow down your property search, is to determine price and then go online and put the information into a realtor’s website. This will show you right away if there are any houses that match your budget requirements. Now if you are on a low budget, you may find that your local realtor does not have anything in your price range, so it eliminates the need to connect with that particular realtor.

When you require a mortgage to help fund your purchase, it is also advised to get a pre-approval loan before even starting your search. This is because only with a pre-approval on hand, can you work out the price budget you are looking at, and the amount of cash you have to prepare for closing.

You also have to figure out exactly what won’t work for you. It’s time to sit down with a notepad and write out a list. Once you come up with a list, then you are ready to contact a real estate agent. Your realtor will then be able to cross certain properties off his showing list. This will cut down on wasted time for both parties. The more established an agent is, the longer their available list. In many cases, however, agencies consolidate the lists of all their staff so that all their agents can have quick access to everything that is already under their care, increasing the possibility of a quick closure.

Perhaps you do not have a driver’s license or really just prefer not to have a car due to environmental reasons. The next question is how are you going to get to work? You will need to check maps and transit route maps to see what is available to you. Your preferences in locale will determine what type of transit system you need. A large number of people, who live in the downtown, will be able to use a subway, bus or combination of both. Check and see what is available and the times that they run.

When living outside the city and not wanting to drive, you can explore trains or buses. Both can be used to commute into work. Now of course if you have a car and want to use it, you will want to consult your maps and find the necessary routes by road or even highway. In this case, you might prefer to look at the proximity to subway stations and public bus-stops. A home at a walking distance to a subway station is something that is of high value to a huge number of home seekers.

A family purchase requires more thought than just getting to work. You’ll want to look at the map and find schools close to your desired location. You can quickly rule out certain parts of the city or town if it is going to be a real chore to find a good local school. As your home is not just about you, you have to think over this so as to spare a thought for the other members in your family. Surely you want your children to have access to easy and safe journeys to and from school.

Getting good with map searches will really cut down on your property search time. Depending on your lifestyle, your needs are going to be different than say a co-worker. Some people have particular needs in regards to religion and finding a close place to worship. Others are very concerned about shopping and other amenities like the library. Using a map and making notes will get you moving quickly on your home purchase.

When you are looking for a new home and have very little requirements on the luxuries and desires, the most basic aspects are the price and location. When you can nail down this 2 factors, you should be able to quickly find a suitable house that meet your basic needs. You can always relocate later on when you have more complex and luxurious expectations for your home.

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