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20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Hardcore Into Properties

By on December 9, 2013

Knowing yourself is half the battle won. These questions will help you explore your situation and get a better picture of your suitability. There are no correct or wrong answers. If you are able to answer these questions with clarity, you will know whether you are ready to go hardcore into real estate investing.

1) Does the thought of owning rental properties motivation enough to get started?

2) Am I excited about crafting my own financial destiny?

3) What are the benefits and financial rewards in real estate?

4) Who are the people around me that I can turn to for support and guidance?

5) Do I have the time and discipline to manage my properties without affecting my work?

6) Am I a people person who can handle contractors and tenants in a professional manner?

7) Who is the family is most likely who can play an active role to help out?

question property investments8) Do I have a good track record of following through on plans for long term goals?

9) Am I an independent decision maker?

10) Are properties truly the best investments available to me?

11) Where, how and from who am I going to learn the trade?

12) Do I have problems with my credit records?

13) Will I have the resources and efficiency to handle property investing on a part-time basis?

14) Will I be able to achieve your financial goals without having to invest in real estate?

15) Is it absolutely necessary to achieve my own financial independence?

16) Am I ready to take a hands-on approach to fixing and managing properties?

17) Will my funds be so tight that I cannot handle a month of vacancy?

18) How much money am I going to lose if everything falls apart?

19) How long can my own funds be able to support the investment if there is no income?

20) Where am I going to get the financing for real estate investments?

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