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Why I Will Only Buy Insurance Policies From Agent Friends

By on July 19, 2017

If you want to sell anything to anyone, they have to first trust you.

It’s all about trust. Small items need lesser trust. And big items require a higher level of trust.

This is the reason why I will only buy insurance policies from friends instead of professional salesmen. These are expensive products that are more than just about money.

Listen, you might come across a slick and fast-talking salesman that knows his stuff but at the end of the day, this doesn’t mean you should trust him.

Because probably 99% of people who have insurance will tell you that they never hear from their agents ever. At least until they have something to sell you again.

Regardless of what a sales person knows, customers only buy if they can feel they can trust professional sales people.

Since I feel I don’t really know random sales agents of insurance policies, I will only buy such policies from trusted friends or relatives.

I am hardly alone. Keep reading to find out why.

Effective sales begins and ends with trust

You worked hard for your money. You deserve to get as much value from your hard-earned money as possible.

You should hang on to every cent of your money until you are sure that you will get maximum value from your money.

This is why many people don’t buy insurance policies from sales people.

These sales people may know the terms and they may be familiar with how the insurance policy works, but this information alone doesn’t mean customers should trust them.

Why? Sales people are only interested in making money.

You are interested in getting a good value. You don’t necessarily share the same interests. See the problem?

This is why many sales people will make all sorts of claims just to get the customer to buy.

When they do this, they aren’t taking your best interest in mind. They aren’t doing you any favors. In fact, they might be enriching themselves at your expense.

I, like many other buyers of life, auto, business, and other forms of insurance are afraid of this. This is why we’d rather buy such insurance policies from people we know.

Even though modern training for agents include modules where they are coached on ethics, nobody can ignore the fact that they are compensated by the amount of sales they bring in.

And with this in point, how can anyone say with certainty that their agents are not motivated by the commissions that they will collect from selling policies to you.

Personal bonds go a long way

When a friend tries to sell you something, there’s a lot more going on that money changing hands or products or services being described.

The friend is basically telling people who trust him or her that he or she will stand by the product.

When a friend tries to sell you something, the friend is basically putting some of your trust in him or her as a friend on the line. A lot of their credibility and trustworthiness is on the line.

This means that while he is leveraging his relationship with you to sell you his services, he is also putting the relationship on the line if he does not deliver.

You might not like him anymore if he lies to you just so to sell you something. This is why I prefer to buy life insurance, stocks, or other important financial products and services from people I know.

There is a personal bond there.

This personal bond involves trust.

The person selling me stuff knows that if I am unhappy because he or she lied to me so I can buy, our friendship might suffer.

This gives me some peace of mind.

This gives me some level of confidence that my friend won’t lie to me or mislead me because, I am hoping, our friendship means a lot to him or her.

The same goes with family bonds.

When I have this level of protection, I feel more at ease when buying from a friend or family member because of personal bonds. I don’t have those personal bonds with someone I don’t know.

Finally, let’s not forget that probably all responsible adults will buy some sort of health or medical insurance plans.

It is almost a given. So since you are going to spend that money anyway, why not let a friend profit from it instead of giving that commission to someone you do not know.

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