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Real Estate Is A Higher Level Of Social Proof Compared To A Sports Car

By on February 10, 2015

One thing about guys and even girls is that we love to do things that are going to make us look good to our friends or to people in general. People who are younger tend to have this problem more than older people. Younger people are in that stage of their lives where competition for the attention of the opposite sex is its fiercest. So they do whatever it takes in order to get people to notice them. For guys the main thing they do is purchase a sports car, usually one with a recognizable name. This is one of the worst investments a person can make. A sports car might be good now, but it’s values goes down year by year.

But of course, social proof is more than just about attracting those of the opposite sex. There is just something inside us that makes us proud of what we have achieved in life. And what better to showcase that success we have painstakefully achieved to the people around us. Not that we want to boast about our achievements. But to motivate the people you care about to focus on their goals to achieve success. The trend is rising so much that people are referring to wealfies now instead of selfies. Real estate is one such item that is undeniable social proof.

If you really want social proof as a man or a women then you need to think about purchasing things that will increase in value, such as real estate. Now this might not seem like it’s social proof at first, because after all people aren’t going to be able to see you driving around in your house right? You can’t look at it this way. When you own real estate you’re in a much better position than most of the people around you will be. Owning real estate says so much about you that a sports car doesn’t. And this is going to make you look good. Let’s take a look at how real estate is higher social proof than a sports car.

luxury house for wealfieReal estate shows that you make good money and have a good track record

When you purchase a sports car no one has any way to know where you got it or what were the terms of you getting it. There are any number of different ways you could have gotten that car. You can find plenty of predatory car salesman out there who will give you a car you really shouldn’t have. With real estate you usually have to be a lot more proven in order to get financing to purchase it. Banks look at work history, credit, and other things. If you were deemed a serious risk they wouldn’t give you the money to buy a home.

Let’s put it this way. Sports cars are head turners. But it sends a message to onlookers. Observers will assume either one of 2 things. Either the driver is a self made man, or he acquired his wealth through inheritance. Sports car are more stereotyped as something that the rich buy with short term success. Properties however, are the preferred flavor for those who have already been successful for a while. It is a more worthwhile investment compared to an overpriced vehicle.

Real estate shows that you value the right things and not the wrong things

When you’re really young pulling up in a sports car might impress some people, but it’s not going to impress all of them. The money you’ll spend on a sports car could have been used as the down payment on a home. You also have things such as insurance which can be through the roof for certain cars. If you purchase an expensive sports car then you’re showing that you value a car more then having a roof over your head. The car is going to go down in value. Plus if your young buying a sports car probably means you have all your disposable income tied up into it.

Ever heard of the saying that a car is a liability? That is actually true unless you operate a car rental business. In that instance, nobody can fault you for referring to your fleet of vehicles as your assets. Other than that, you can expect to pay through your nose just to maintain premium car. And the more sporty the car, the more you can expect to pay just to keep it on the road. On top of that, it will only depreciate over time.

Real estate puts you in a very small minority of people within your age group

Take a look around you. How many people do you see with expensive electronics or expensive clothes? How many people do you see living in expensive apartments, but with roommates? How many people do you see still living at homes with their parents, but they have nice cars? If you were to purchase a home you’d be one of the only people in your group to have one. Most people don’t own a home and couldn’t get one if they wanted to. Having a home means a bank found you trustworthy enough to take a risk on you. Getting a sports car is far easier.

Real estate is the luxury item that is the ultimate social proof. You don’t need to buy a big house. There is a reason why people post pictures of them in luxury hotels, swimming pools, and the great views of the ocean at their living room full length windows. It is the ultimate statement of living in luxury. Not cars, yachts, or vacations.

It says a lot about you when you indulge yourself in real estate instead of designer handbags, branded watches, or European tours. It sends a message that you have done well for yourself. You don’t throw away your money on luxury items that are necessary. And above all it says that you are mature enough to spend your wealth wisely instead of wasting it away on material items.

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