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Why You Should Only Invest In Local Properties You Are Familiar With

By on November 16, 2013

Today, real estate as well as other businesses, face the same problems as the shares market.

With the volatility in all sectors and real estate, your investment value also fluctuates. So be a smart investor and put your money in the local estate market where you are familiar with, a locality close to you that you understand in an intimate way other people do not.

Everything else being equal, it is difficult for someone who entered an unfamiliar territory to compete with someone who is in “the know”.

If you are the local boy, you will know how the traffic flow is, the amenities nearby, how well the town services operate, the type of tenants that prefer the area, etc. This is the reward for knowing and buying into local properties.

Investing elsewhere where you are remotely familiar with may cause you to face big property losses… leaving you with bad memories to tell your grandchildren a decade later.

By the time you reach the end of the learning curve of a new location, you could have already made losses significant enough to fold your investment.

Knowledge in local property prices furnishes and enhances your investments. You will understand the needs local people have and know how to meet their expectations. The trends and lifestyles of the local market do have direct impacts on rental movements and selling prices of properties.

So knowledge variables in the market along with confident prompt action, does make a vital difference to investments you make in the property markets. It is an investing phenomena how so many investors are willing to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase properties in places they have never heard of or seen in real life.

investing local real estateThere are certain factors affecting your investments in real estate.

Reports claim opportunities in real estate are not good, all is gloom and doom in many areas around the world. But in this depressed market, you will still find you’ll be able to buy in certain places and urban pockets that can increase your investment value.

If you are unaware of local market trends and don’t have reliable information to base your decision on, don’t make erroneous guesses about values.

This is because how valuations work can be totally different from what you are accustomed to in your home country or state.

When you invest in local markets, make sure you’re aware of what the property is worth before negotiating terms and conditions. Or else you’ll end up in jeopardy, either being underpaid if selling or overpaying if buying.

Hiring a credible agent will be a wise thing to do. The challenge is to find one that you can wholeheartedly trust to look out for you.

An additional reason to invest locally is that certain properties pay more dividends depending on the community or location since nobody would invest in a property with declining prices.

This you wouldn’t know if this was not a local property, so being on the spot helps you, while investing your money.

For example, few people will know that a house resides in a dangerous neighbourhood unless they are familiar with the area.

On top of this, here are some questions you should always ask before buying a property.

  • Is it a good neighbourhood?
  • Is the location within a business zone, industrial zone, or residential zone?
  • Is the area prone to noise pollution from heavy peak traffic or even frequent aeroplanes flying by?
  • Is there proper infrastructure around like drainage, streets, etc?
  • Is it possible that the location has a high crime or drug rate?
  • Is the property lowly priced in a highly priced neighbourhood?
  • Is it a highly priced property in a lowly priced neighbourhood?
  • Are there any litigation filed against the the home or land?

By observing local trends you can enhance opportunity benefits and see your bank balance reflect these positive results. Being local enables you to be privy to the actual worth of the investment as opposed to property outside your radius.

You’ll know if it merits investing in and when to do it.

Be aware of local selling prices, especially in these times, when things change rapidly. Volatility of property markets make prices fluctuate by as much as $12,000-$15,000 in no time at all.

Similarly, if considering selling property, you’ll make profits or losses exponentially…so be wary of this.

Local knowledge also helps you in rental prices abounding in the locality.

As a prospective investor with income derived from rent, it is quite necessary to keep posted about rentals. Your regular money can thus be disrupted if the wrong prices of rent is projected, depleting the monetary resources at your disposal.

Where properties are concerned, make sure timely updates and precise info flows into the outputs you make. Perhaps you can use the services of real estate experts. They are in the know and will be able to guide your investment. They’ll help in evaluating market situations and handling different scenarios, assisting you in developing better understanding and approaches in the local property market.

Happy investing folks!

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