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10 Disadvantages Of Laminated Flooring When Remodeling

By on September 22, 2014

Laminated floors comes in almost a limitless range of options to choose from. These include different designs and colorsm, wood, granite, stones, etc. It is no wonder choose the flooring of a home is one of the most difficult decisions a home owner has to make. Because unlike the walls, the floor is not just something most people will only look at. Members of the household and visitors will feel it with their feet as well. So the most beautiful designs could turn out to be a bad choice if it feels weird when walking around.

Laminated flooring became extremely popular because it is easier to install than hard woods, engineered woods or cements. Older models need glue to install but recent designs have “click-lock” style. “Click-lock” design has dry glue installed on the laminated floor and just needs a swipe of water to install. It is mostly used in remodeling houses as it is easy to purchase and inexpensive compared to hard woods or engineered woods. This is why it is always a choice being considered by households of any renovation budget. And on top of it all, it also requires less manpower. So if you are a hands-on homeowner and don’t mind the sweat, you can actually lay it yourself with basic guidance.

Most DIY stores have laminated flooring in its sections. Many people choose laminated floors because it is easier to maintain and clean. One of the major factor being considered for the modern home. There’s no need to vacuum or wax. However, the disadvantages caused by laminated flooring or floating wood tile cannot be ignored as it poses danger to people and animals. Not a good idea when you have children around. So no matter how inexpensive it can be, you should give it a miss if you feel that it can pose a safety risk for the people at home.

Here are more disadvantages of using laminated floor when remodeling.

1. Laminated wood flooring is slippery. Because of its components laminated wood tends to be more slippery than hard woods. Laminated flooring has a thin sheet of transparent plastic on its surface that induces slip when wet. This means that not only can it pose a potential safety hazard for kids, the elderly and even you can slip up every now and then. Especially when the floor is being mopped.

2. Laminated wood floor does not offer a good resale value of the house compared to hard wood or engineered woods. The cost of remodeled house with laminated flooring may not offer a good value than those remodeled with hard woods. So if you are a flipper looking to add perceived value to a house, it might not be the best choice.

3. Laminated flooring must be cleaned and dusted regularly because dust and dirt particles cause scratch in the surface of the laminated wood floor. It can be a real chore to get this done unless you have a helper or housekeeper on your payroll. This maintenance work is a requirement rather than just something you do when you are free.

4. A laminated wood floor that is deeply scratched or worn cannot be refinished; it needs to be replaced. If you have ever seen a deep scratch on wooded floors, you will know exactly what I mean that it cannot be repaired. You can fill up the cracks with fillers. But it will still be visible. Painting over it is not an option as it will destroy the design.

5. It must be kept dry, as the planks tend to swell when exposed with too much water or high humidity. If the planks are exposed to high humidity, wiping the moisture can reduce or remove the swelling but if the planks are exposed with water, it needs to be replaced. So don’t make the newbie mistake of using them for the bathroom or kitchen.

6. The color of laminates fade after being exposed to sunlight for a period of time. This is something you cannot prevent. The only resolution is to replace them when the time comes. Don’t use them for areas where you expect a big exposure of sunlight and the elements.

7. Wood laminates tend to retain stain color when not cleaned immediately. Once colouring seeps into it, there is very little you can do about it. A chemical wash might make it worst and even expand the problem. It is hard to remove the stain when it stayed for a period of time because of its coating. Bleaching, re-staining or re-coating are the solutions that can be applied in removing stains in laminated flooring which doesn’t assure that original color will be achieved.

8. It also loses its shape when a heavy equipment or object often passes the floor. The material under the surface of a laminated wood floor is softer than hard wood. If the dent is small and unobservable it can be overlooked or a run of brown or colored crayon can be put but a big dent requires that the plank be replaced.

9. It’s life span lasts for a maximum of 20 years in ordinary use and approximately 5 years in heavy use. If you make an effort to maintain them, the lifespan can extend significantly.

10. Laminated floors contain formaldehyde that causes allergies to life-threatening response to some people who are exposed on it. You usually won’t realize that any is allergic to it until rashes and symptoms appear.

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