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20 Tips For Lighting Design Throughout The House

By on August 9, 2014

Lighting is the one factor that can make or break your dream design. It is no wonder why many celebrities attribute their great photos solely to good lighting. The assuring part of this is that if you can conceptualise a proper plan for your lighting from room to room, there is a much smaller chance for the end product to become a complete screwed-up job.

Living room

The use of down and cove lights have become the trend in recent years. Just remember not to go overboard when incorporating it into the design. Contrary to what you might think, less is more when it comes to these fancy designs.

Use a small amount of decorative light fixtures to add some life to the room. They do not have to be your main source of lights. But they surely spice up the place when you are in the mood for some festive vibe.

Install dimmers for at least a few bulbs so that you can control the different amount of brightness in various areas. This totally eliminates the risk of installing light fixtures that are too bright or too dull.

While you are overwhelmed with the fancy stuff, don’t forget that there has to be enough general lighting in main areas where you use to watch the latest television shows, read your newspapers, or just a sweet cosy spot to relax in.

Use a mixture of warm and cool lights so you can have a selection on which to use depending on your mood for the day.


Strips are suitable for hallways. So does cove lights that are directed outwards. If you are trying to achieve the runway effect, those will come in handy. Some home owners do not give any attention to these areas and are contented to just fix up fluorescent lamps onto the ceiling. That will not create any feeling of family warmth.

The hallway is also a place for your to display your creativity. You can get away with fancy designs that will look out of place anywhere else. They can be used as wall decorations as well if you play your cards right. Spotlights, decorative lights, and even just down lights can leave visitors with a lasting impression.

nice lighting at the counter topDining room

The obvious focus in the dining area is the dining table. But don’t make the mistake of forgetting of the sideboard where you serve the dishes. There has to be enough light on both these features to bring out it’s warmth.

For small apartments, the only place a mini chandelier is appropriately placed is above the dining table. It would look oddly out of place anywhere else. When using candles, make sure to place them only in strategic areas. Candles should  never be the focus, but should be used as a backdrop of the main focus which is the dining table.

In certain design themes a fire place could add that little touch of serenity that tops it all off.


Use cove lights or uplights that point towards the ceiling. To take it one step further, install dimmers for these fixtures so that you can manually adjust just the perfect amount of brightness required for the many activities you do in the bedroom.

Side lamps are commonly used on the side tables. There are thousands of available selections all over stores and the internet. Just make sure that the lamps directs light downwards towards the side table top. This little detail makes a huge difference. Most people do not realise that this is the problem when they find something wrong with their rooms.

If you are using a feature lighting fixture above the bed, adding a dimmer will help you prevent it from being too domineering in the room. You might even want to install both warm and cool bulbs if that option is feasible.

Candles and aromatherapy ware can create a tranquil atmosphere. There is just something about flickering shadows that bring out a certain mood. The placement of them should be on the dresser or the night stand.


Remember that there are 2 main lighting needs for the kitchen. One for general design and one for practical purposes.

Spotlights are often ignored in interior design because when people think about it, they think that those are just too powerful to make sense in a house. But times have changed. There are spotlights that are delightfully designed giving off just the right amount of brightness onto an area. And they come with dimmers too. It would be ideal for kitchen areas where cooking and food preparation are conducted.

Fancy table tops are predominantly found in the kitchen. Going with reflective surfaces creates a luxurious and modern ambience to it. The only other room that can get away with this the living room. But even then, not all living room designs are suitable for reflective surfaces.

When your dining area is in the kitchen you have to find a balance fusion between the requirements of the 2 open areas.


Lights in the bathroom do not have to be the brightest, but they have to be the clearest. This is the place where you do your make-ups, facial remedies, shaving, etc. Surely you cannot do without a clear vision of what is in the mirror. So although you might be trying to create a spa atmosphere in the bathroom, don’t forget to add practical lights where you need them for practical purposes.

Candles and aromatherapy ware are also suitable for this room especially when trying to create a spa feel. It is romantic and soothing as well. You will love it while submerging yourself in the bubble bath in the tub.

As many of the fixtures in the bathroom can be very reflective, remember to take into account the position of all your lights. The objective is to enhance those classy surfaces instead of blinding yourself form the powerful reflections.

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