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7 Design Goals That Colours Can Be Used For A Room

By on June 20, 2014

Whether striking colours are used in a dominant manner or just as a sprinkle to decorations, they make a huge impact on the overall aesthetics of a room. When you have a basic understanding of it’s attributes, you will have an easier time trying to incorporate them into your home design and make you friends drool with envy. Here are 8 objectives that can be achieved with the clever use of colours.


When a room has a special feature or an unusual object that you want to bring attention to, you can use colour to highlight it. Applying the simple concept of contract can have very dramatic visual effects. For example, black with white, red and blue, metallic with dull colours. Sometimes just a playful use of tones can achieve this effect. This is why feature walls are always fabricated with a different colour than the theme of the room. If an interior designer advocates using the same colour as the base wall, he must be high on something.


Almost every room will have a little unevenness somewhere. Most commonly the wall. To make it look more even, take note that warm colours make things appear nearer while cool colours make things appear further. Nobody taught us this in arts class.

Adding a focal point

In rooms where the dominant colour is dull in nature, a small amount of brightness can bring the whole attention of the beholder to where that brightness is. The best example is when a dull sofa has a few bright coloured cushions or an empty modern dining table with a vase of bright flowers positioned at the center. Sometimes just one item in a sparky shade can perk up the whole room by giving it a lease of life.

Supporting role

If you are trying to achieve a certain design theme, what colours you use can either destroy your theme or enhance it. For example, if you are going for the Bali resort theme, using black and white will probably not cut it. Whereas if you are going for a Chinese oriental theme, using maroon and a little bit of black will do wonders for the room. It would appear weird indeed to find a tropical themed living room filled with furniture and fittings with metallic reflective surfaces.

Brighten up corners

You can’t tell the sun where to shine or bend light from the master bedroom to another room. In dark corners or rooms with little natural light, using bright colours or shiny metallic surfaces will help liven up those areas.

Creating ambience

It has long been acknowledged that certain colours can induce different psychological effects on people. For example, red is associated with passion, white with innocence, blue with security, etc. If you have a certain objective to reach for a certain room, do find out the colours that are related to your objectives. You could have an unusual taste if you paint your study I black.

Showcase personality

Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone has the same colours for their rooms? Colour is a great way for someone to display some individuality to whoever enters. As colours can arouse certain moods from people, a picture of you could be unconsciously formed by visitors when they see the colours in your room that you choose to associate yourself with.

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