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7 Tips To Create Space For Shoebox Apartment Layouts

By on May 18, 2013

If you have got past the stage of buying a shoebox apartment, the next phase of your adventure is designing the place. This is a big challenge as the fact is that you are working with just 400 square feet give or take. It’s a good thing that show flats are open to the public. Because we can now walk into any showroom and get some real life tips of how the best interior designers make show flats appear and feel much bigger than they really are. You don’t have to hire an interior designer. Here are the best tips to create space and design a small shoebox apartment layout.

1) Remove all clutter. There should be no more than 2 similar items used as a decorative accessory. An example of this is display monuments. You should also use the very minimum number of items that will be placed on the floor. Decorative items give life to a home. If you are using them, place them on shelves and racks that are fixed onto the wall.

2) Do not place any furniture in the pathways of the living area. They should also not block doors and windows. Create as much floor space as you can so that it feels bigger. Use large furniture instead of many small ones. This helps to manage the appearance of clutter as well.

3) Since you bought a shoebox apartment, you will probably not need a big dining table as well. If a dining table is not absolutely necessary, consider forgoing getting one as well. Or get a table that is foldable which can be stored when not in use. Some tables can double up as a coffee table through clever furniture design. You might want to take a look at one of those so that you save space on one of the 2 tables.

shoebox apartment layout4) It is a known fact that mirrors can create visual space that makes a room much bigger than it is. Place at least a large mirror against the wall that reflects ample space or an attractive view. You are theoretically bringing the extra space into your home. Common areas where people place these huge mirrors are the living room, near the dining table and the bedroom.

5) When we want to look slim, we wear black. This is because white and bright colours make us look meatier. So to create the appeal of space in your shoebox apartment, use bright colours and lighting. Do not use dark colours. Wallpapers with exuberant design can also make you feel claustrophobic. It will be simple to just use 1 colour for the whole apartment.

6) If you insists on putting up the gorgeous looking curtains you had asked someone to import, at least set up a set of day curtains as well. Let light come into the home as bright rooms tend to appear bigger.

7) Play with adequate lighting. Lights are one of those things that can totally transform a home. The type, direction, and colour can combine to create magical effects. Use a combination of down lights and those that fire upwards. Also use both warm and cool lights to create a luxurious cozy atmosphere.

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