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Basic Bedroom With Cyan Color Walls

By on July 31, 2017

Not everyone has a taste for luxurious looking bedrooms. Sometimes keeping things simple, clean, and clutter-free is more than good enough. Instead of full length mirrors or floral wallpaper, use an unconventional colored wall to add that tinge of uniqueness. Cyan is a beautiful color that does not get as much attention as it deserves. Since a room that is totally painted with cyan can bring about too much dullness, using other colors for the floor and ceiling can buffer that impact.

Soft carpet flooring in beach color, horizontal sliding windows with dark brown trims, horizontal blinds, cyan painted walls, natural tall potted display plants, teak side study table with matching chair, rectangle design lamps on both sides of bed, wooden bed frame with curved design bed head and foot rest, fluffy quilt with comfy quilt cover, pillow case in matching dark wood color to bed frame, display gold picture frame,  beach color ceiling, down lights, ceiling fan

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