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Basic Rules Of How To Hang A Picture Art On The Wall

By on June 17, 2014

When you see the pictures and art displays in show rooms or in the homes of others, it just seems that blending artwork into home design is as basic as learning to drink. But if you are to approach hanging a picture you just bought that way, you will soon find out that the act of hanging art, is an art by itself.

Common sense tells us that a painting should not be hung too high or it will be out of reach for housekeeping. It cannot be hung too low or it will be prone to accidental bumps from people walking about. It should not be placed on the center of a wall as that is too much symmetry, and art is not about symmetry. Just find that sweet spot that meets these criteria and start putting the nails into the wall. It is actually not that simple. And the correct methods to apply is not much more complicated as well. It is just a set of basic rules to keep in mind when hanging a piece of art is on your to-do list.

Let’s just say you already bought a picture ready to be hung on the wall. It has the unmistakable bowline know built into it. Your responsibility now is to strategically place it so that visitors to your home finds your place beautiful but have no idea how you achieved that effect.

The first rule to go over is that the picture should be hung at a height that is eye level. It can sound like common practicality sense here. But you will be surprised at the number of home owners who forget about this simple rule. The common saying among people with “artistic” blood is that the art should look good at 2 points. If these 2 points are met, then everything will follow through as well. Those 2 points are 12 feet and 12 inches. If the picture looks good at these 2 distances, you will have covered all the bases.

A picture that is too high can look weird and make a person feel small. It could be a challenge itself for someone to actually see what the picture is about. If they are hung too low, it can feel like things are falling off the house. How a good visual effect or even a feng shui perspective. An amateur might place a frame right smack at the center of a wall. But the real effect you should be trying to achieve is to place it right at the center of viewer’s sight lines.

But how do you find this center when everybody has a different height. Well you do not have to stress yourself out thinking about how to group up all your friends and family members to measure their heights. Because experts in the field who have made a career out of hanging pictures have found the equilibrium point where everything meets. And that is about 57 inches, give or take.

hang picture art on the wallNow that you have identified the center and height, get a friend to hold up your picture on that spot and take look yourself. If there is furniture like a sofa below the hanging spot, you want to be careful with the width of the frame you are using.  The rule is that there should always be at least 8 inches of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the picture. It looks better that way and there is a smaller chance that someone will sit down and accidentally crush your picture while leaning back. Art has it’s practical side too.

The next thing to do is to identify the center of your picture. You will be able to easily do this by drawing diagonal lines across the back from a corner to the opposite corner. The point where both lines meet is the center. You now need to align the center of the picture to the point on the wall you have identified earlier.

The final rule to keep in mind is that when you are using not just one but many pictures or artwork on your wall. They should be placed at least 6 inches apart so that they are not too clustered while at the same time, achieve an affinity visual effect. If the pictures are of very different sizes, it is best to mix up the positions a little so that it does not feel like a dull library.

The final rule is that these rules serve as a good guideline widely accepted by most people. Variations of them might work better for you depending on many factors including personal taste, wall height, type of picture, type of frame, furniture against the wall, colour themes, and more.

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