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Space Maximizing Kitchen Doubling Up As Dining Area

By on August 18, 2017

In smaller homes with limited space, especially with apartments, it is essential to make the most of the living space available. This can often be observed when extra guest rooms are used as store rooms. Or kitchens doubling up as dining rooms. With some smart renovation planning and design aspects, there’s no need to compromise design just because of space constraints. The best part that is these concepts can be used in every area of the house.

Diagonally positioned floor tiles, built-in cabinets against the wall and up to the ceiling, white laminates with stone counter tops, custom made cabinets that fit baking oven and microwave nicely, full length cabinets made-to-fit refrigerator, mini-tv set, kitchen towel, toater, wooden knife stand, glass doors on cabinets containing display items, casement windows to the outside, rug in standing work area, ceiling fan with lighting fixture, down lights, door to laundry area, polka dot wallpaper on kitchen walls, wooden dining table with grain design, matching rattan chairs, fruit display on center of table.

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