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Modern Elegant Bathroom With Big Mirror

By on December 21, 2017

The bathroom has become a focal point of homeowners in recent years. So much so that it is not uncommon for new home buyers to spend more time planning and spending on it compared to the living room. With ugly piping running around the place, it is no wonder a lot of expert planning is involved to achieve an elegant design that looks modern, yet with the absence of pipes. Add the basic essential items and fixtures into a bathroom, and you get a project that can be challenging even for the most experienced interior designers to please meticulous owners.

Built-in custom made cabinets with grain laminate in earth tone, classy handle knobs, undermount sinks, hot and cold water faucet switch, premium hand soap on porcelain tray, display plant with metal pot, stealthily located power outlet, wall mounted hook for hand towel, spotless full length mirror to ceiling height, warm down lights, stone tiles as partition to entry area.

Display floral branch monument in clear vase, tile flooring outside shower area, stone and pebble flooring in shower area, luxurious overhang stainless steel shower head, rectangle stone-surface tiles lined horizontally in enclosed shower area, small window with view of coconut trees, wall mounted storage fixtures for towels.

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