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Modern Style Living Room Design On A Budget

By on May 8, 2013

With the countless home design and decoration magazines that are available today, it is hard to imagine anyone who would not make an effort to incorporate a cozy modern design to a new home. The drawback is that hiring one of those interior design houses to do up your place can cost as much as your down payment on the property itself. However, if you are able to identify the key design concepts to gives a room it’s modern look, you can achieve a modern look without compromising the look of your bank account.

1) Simplicity. One of the obvious secrets of a modern styled room is “less is better”. Absolutely no clutter. Use a few big furniture with as little small items as possible. All wiring has to be hidden at all costs. Wires are sore sights. The good thing is that false ceilings and feature walls can hide everything from view.

2) Colours. Use at most 3 dominant colours for the overall theme. Neutral colours paired with 1 dark colour is best. Neutral colours are easing to the eyes and create a peaceful atmosphere. Include 1 item with an outrageous colour to add some spice to the room.

2641715996_6f009f9365_m3) Straight lines. Avoid soft furniture that does not have a fixed shape. Furniture with contours are fine but the lines have to be well defined. Choose materials like acrylic, stainless steel, clean wood and plastic. The only soft item with irregular lines that you can consider is a classy looking rug and cushion for your sofa set.

4) Surfaces. Every furniture has a surface. Select those with reflective surfaces for your room. No clutter should be present on table tops. At most use something like a bowl with fake fruits for decorative purposes. Everything else should be hidden away when not in use. So it would be wise to build small storage areas that are within an easy reach.


5) Lighting. Lighting is another key element that creates a modern look. Yes fluorescent lights make reading much easier. But also fix up warm lights and down lights for a more soothing atmosphere when you are not reading the papers. Also consider adding a big lamp that stands on it’s own beside the sofa. These might not be practical. But they add a huge flavor of modern style to your home.

Image Attribution: Christopher Barson, jseattle

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