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Simple Tips To Keep Your Kitchen From Getting Into A Mess

By on June 21, 2014

Staying organized in the kitchen keeps things neat, but it also cuts down on your preparation as well as your cleanup time. One of the biggest organizing helps for this room in the house is the kitchen island.

This is helpful for preparing foods for meals or for spending some time in the morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper when you first wakeup. But it’s also a great place to keep your cookbooks organized because it has the shelving for those.

One of the best islands that has plenty of space and is quite nice in any kitchen is the Home Styles Kitchen Island in an oak finish. There are two cabinets so you can store those dish pieces that you use on special occasions or holidays and this frees up your kitchen wall cabinets.

It also has utility drawers so you can put some extra dishtowels or cloths or you can use them for those kitchen utensils that seem to take up more space in the regular drawers connected to your cabinets.

One of the biggest things in a kitchen that can cause disorganization are the pots and pans. The reason for this is because it’s easy to find yourself too tired after your day to put things back exactly where they go in the cabinet.

So what happens is people end up opening the cabinet door and just shoving a pot or pan inside. Then, when you need one of them, you have to dig through the jumbled mound and usually end up spilling them onto your kitchen floor.

This is why a pot and pan rack is extremely helpful. You can get them that mount on a wall, but if you want to save more space, it’s best to choose one that hangs from the ceiling like the Gift Warehouse 35603 Hanging Iron Pot Rack.

With this one, the pots sit on top and the pans hang down. This is one of the popular models because it has beautiful scrollwork as well as being functional.

Another big area that can really get disorganized is the kitchen pantry.

The reason for this is because most home pantries are not big enough for a family. If you have a large family, it’s even more difficult. This is where an extra pantry like the Nantucket Pantry Distressed Finish comes in handy.

It has adjustable shelves for those items that are too tall for regular spaced shelves and it has nice brushed nickel hardware. One thing that’s helpful in a pantry is using stackable containers instead of bulky boxes or wide bags.

You can simply pour the food into containers. This is really helpful for staying organized with cereals. One set that’s pretty popular is the Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container Set.

Other items that can help keep you organized in the kitchen are things such as coffee cup hooks, soda or wine racks, silverware organizers and bread or fruit baskets.

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