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Vacation Resort Style Bedroom With Natural Greenery

By on August 28, 2017

There’s a reason why many vacation resorts are built with design themes using as much natural fixtures as possible. People love these design concepts… yet don’t find them practical enough to be adopted in the home. But enjoying such a peaceful and tranquil environment for just a few days can be a pleasure when escaping the city life. There is no reason why you cannot use these designs in the house if you can see yourself living in a home like this.

Big potted plants for display, rustic wood side table with storage underneath, matching table lamps, matte black cordless telephone, metallic bed frame in wooden color and floral design, white bedsheets, earth color design pillow cases, vintage treasure chest at the foot of bed, parquet flooring, large wide rug below the bed, wooden windows and trims, majestic ceiling fan with Victorian lighting, down lights on false ceiling,

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