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What Are The Disadvantages Of Choosing Laminate Flooring

By on September 5, 2013

Laminate flooring is a multilayer product fused with lamination process that simulates wooden layer. For many new home owners, flooring works will be a choice between laminated or tiles. There are certain advantages that come with laminate flooring such as less cost, simple installation, easy maintenance, highly durable and so on.

But more importantly, outnumbering the advantages are many key disadvantages as well. Every home owner who chose these types of flooring has look into them before firming up their design decision. The laminate flooring is not considered as a good choice for an area with high moisture content as the moisture may peek into the surface of lamination causing serious trouble to the flooring. It may cause a bomb to retify such problems. Laminate floors are made of High Density Fiberboard, which degrades when exposed to moisture. Usually, the area of lamination is moisture resistant but when the moisture content sneaks in through the edges, it is when more serious problems are brewing.

In case, you need to use laminate flooring in moisture prone areas, go for moisture resistant sub layer. Since laminate flooring is not exactly similar to wood flooring, it may come as a concern to some people who’ve had bad experiences with them. Even though the floor has a sub layer of wood, the feel is completely different. Moreover, the laminate flooring is slippery in nature but of late, manufacturers are working with new technologies that enable slip resistant layers.

Do you know that homes with laminated floors are known to have lower value?

floor home designThe resell value of houses with laminate floors is starkly less when compared to other types of flooring. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the laminate flooring is not re-finishable, which means that when such flooring is worn or scratched, they cannot be repaired, rather replaced. You won’t be able to touch up corrosion with a simple layer of lacquer like some other forms of wood. Such kind of flooring lasts only for 10-15 years which is shorter when compared to other floor materials.

If you are kind of person who enjoys doing all the flooring work yourself, then you need to reconsider your decision as installing laminate flooring consists of steps that require more skills and precision. Hence have a second thought over self installation. A mistake in alignment may not be apparent until you finish the job. That will be a huge disappointment. Also, the space between the laminated floor and the sub layer will result in foot-fall sounds that can disturb the occupants.

Laminated flooring also have negative effects over your health due to the presence of melamine resin. The melamine resin is made of formaldehyde which is a hazardous that releases volatile organic compounds to the indoor air. This may come as a health hazard to the people living in those houses. But certain laminating materials come with some chemical process that will neutralize the compounds, thereby removing harmful substances. With so many disadvantages, you obviously need to have a second thought over the use of laminated flooring. There are other alternatives to flooring that you can rely upon. If costs is a key criteria for you, there are many other design alternatives to choose from.

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